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Refined Sugar is White Death

The story of refined sugar is actually very interesting. It has a history of greed, evil and corruption behind it. For anyone interested (should be all of you) read a book called Sugar Blues by William Duffy. Refined sugar has only been around for a few hundred years and today we eat more of it than ever before in the history of the world. We were never meant to eat this amount of refined sugar. I honestly believe in a 100 years from now people will look back on us in horror at the fact we ate refined sugar at all. It will probably be a restricted substance. I like to hope so anyway. Let's clear something up to stop all the confusion. Refined sugar is Sucrose.

Eating sugar will make you fat and sick

No Calcium gets drawn from the teeth and bones to help process the refined sugar you eat. They degenerate from the inside. Refined sugar is bad news, it will only harm you. So will play no role in the Spartan Diet. Do the best you can to completely eliminate it from your diet and any foods made with it.

Do Sugary Foods Cause Cavities in Teeth

It appears that perhaps the only direct cause-and-effect relationship between dietary sugar and disease is tooth decay. The warm and moist mouth is also exposed to the outside environment and is the entry point for food. Thus, the mouth becomes a natural home for bacteria. When sugary foods adhere to the teeth, bacteria can break down the sugar and produce acids that erode the outer layer of teeth, creating cavities. Brushing the teeth physically removes the sugar and much of the bacteria adhered to them. Furthermore, some toothpastes contain baking soda, which, as a base, may help neutralize the acid produced by bacteria.

Food Choices Control for PMS

Do you experience uncomfortable symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Women describe as many as two hundred symptoms physical, such as acne, backaches, bloating, tender breasts, and headaches food cravings and psychological, such as anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

Special Nutrition Concerns

Food cravings during pregnancy are common and are not cause for concern, provided other nutrient needs are met and weight gain is in the target range. Pica the ingestion of nonfood substances of nutritional value is associated with anemia and can be a source of lead poisoning, bacterial infection, and dental problems. Pregnant women should be encouraged to avoid pica and discuss it with their medical provider.

Enhance Your Fat Burning Ability With Water

Drinking a minimum of eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day is overwhelmingly the number one method of curbing food cravings and hunger. Drinking water throughout the day fills you up, and because it keeps your stomach full, it reduces your desire to eat. Drinking water like this on a daily basis is directly related to successful, LASTING weight loss.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

If you experience unusual cravings, such as for salt, fat, or red meat, it's possible that nature is telling you that those foods have nutrients you need. Food cravings, in moderation, tend to be harmless, so listen to your body and respond appropriately. Try to resolve your cravings for sweets with the most healthful choices, such as frozen yogurt instead of ice cream or raisins and dried fruits instead of candy. The reality of the situation may be that there's only one food that will do the trick the food you crave Eating a healthful prepregnancy diet ensures that you start off well nourished so your body can survive the strange cravings and morning sickness.

Dont beat yourself up

Regular exercisers report far fewer food cravings than their sedentary counterparts. Part of has to do with the feel-good endorphins released during physical activity. Plus, regular exercisers tend to feel more in control of their bodies, so they're less likely to binge. Think about it if you're exercising every day, feeling good about yourself with high energy, you wouldn't want to waste that on eating junk all the time, would you

Buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon apples maple syrup

JAN I tend to eat something for morning and afternoon tea because I find it helps prevent mid afternoon sugar cravings. I keep it pretty simple during the week - a small handful of our Tamari Nuts for morning tea and some fruit for afternoon tea, perhaps with a soy yoghurt depending on how energetic I've been during the day. On the weekend, I might enjoy a muesli ball or two, or one of our cookies with a cup of herbal tea or dandelion coffee.

Fitness Is A Priority

Control appetite, regulate body temperature, clean your system, and metabolize fat effectively with 8-10 glasses MINIMUM per day. Feel hungry Sometimes hunger is a sign of dehydration. Drink a big glass of water when you feel the urge to eat, and see if that works. If it doesn't, well, eat a balanced meal or snack.

Rationale For Including Cardiorespiratory Fitness In Metabolic Syndrome

This concept is supported by studies from the 50s in carefully performed studies in animals86 and humans.87 Meyers et al. observed that at significant physical activity levels, increases or decreases in physical activity were matched with increases or decreases in food intake. However, below certain minimal levels of physical activity, further decreases in physical activity were not met by further decreases in food intake, but rather by increases in food intake and consequent body weight. They interpreted the data to suggest that a minimal level of physical activity might be necessary for appropriate appetite control. Recent data from our group provides support for this theory. In our study,74 inactive controls gained weight over a six-month period, whereas two different low-dose exercise-training groups (equivalent to 12 miles wk of walking or jogging) lost weight and a higher dose (equivalent to 17 mile wk) lost even more body mass. The data suggest that below a certain level,...

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In order to explore mechanisms for such chocolate cravings, Drewnowski et al. (35) administered the opioid antagonist naloxone to female binge eaters and controls. These subjects were then asked to rate the sugar fat mixtures and to select from a variety of snacks of different fat and carbohydrate levels. Naloxone reduced preferences for sugar fat mixtures in both subject groups, and intake of sweet high-fat foods such as chocolate was reduced relative to saline infusions. Thus, in obese binge eaters, cravings for chocolate and other sweet high-fat foods may be mediated by endogenous opioids (35). However, cravings for chocolate are not exclusive to the obese and such observations may be restricted to obese binge eaters rather than obese individuals per se.

How Much Carbohydrate

. . . what refined sugar is Refined sugar is most simply described as sugar, separated either from the stalk of sugarcane or from the root of a sugar beet. The sugar-containing juice of the plant is extracted, then processed into dried sugar crystals. It's sold as granulated or white sugar. Molasses is the thick syrup that's left after sugar beets or cane is processed for table sugar.

Changes in Food Consumption

Power of the average family and the low prices of calorie dense foods, e.g, fast foods and processed snack foods, have contributed to the rise in the consumption of low-cost, high-fat foods and refined sugar. For instance, in Santiago (Chile), for the equivalent of 3, it is possible to buy a meal at a fast-food restaurant that provides more than half of the daily caloric needs of an adult woman 4 . This example underlines the increase in the availability of energy, as it is shown in Fig. 20.1, which shows calorie availability in several countries from Latin America at different stages of development. In practically all of them calorie availability has increased, even in those that still deal with a serious problem of undernutrition like Guatemala. In Brazil, a country with a wide range of population from the socioeconomic point of view, average calorie availability increased from 2,072 calories in 1980 to 3,146 calories in 2003, a 52 increase 6 . Fat availability in these countries...

Diabetes and Neurological Problems

Folic acid (folate), thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and vitamin B12 all play prominent roles in nerve function, and many diabetics are deficient in these vitamins. Loss of these vitamins is directly tied to carbohydrate consumption, especially refined sugar. Diabetics typically have diets high in sugary foods before becoming diabetic, and as a result are very deficient in these vitamins when the disease finally manifests. Folate should never be given alone, since it may mask serious vitamin B12 deficiencies. The only form of vitamin B12 that should be taken is methylcobalamin, the form naturally found in the body.

What Are Monosaccharides and What Foods Have Them

Glucose and fructose can be found in foods either independently or as part of larger carbohydrates. Fructose is what makes honey and many fruits sweet and is used commercially as a sweetener either as fructose or high-fructose corn syrup. On the other hand, while some galactose is found in certain foods, it is mostly found as part of larger carbohydrates.

Fructose A Sweeter Message

Fructose is found naturally in fruit. But it's also added to certain foods, either as crystalline fructose or as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Crystalline fructose is made from cornstarch, and looks and tastes much like sucrose. HFCS is a combination of fructose and dextrose, a sugar that comes from corn. Currently it's one of the most commonly consumed sweeteners in the United States. Like any sugar, crystalline fructose and HFCS supply 4 calories per gram. Where does high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) fit within the obesity epidemic It's a source of extra calories, often from beverages such as soft drinks. Despite recent theories, there is not enough scientific evidence to say that HFCS changes metabolism, or that it increases body fat or boosts appetite. To help trim calories, ease up on added sugars of all kinds, including HFCS from nondiet snacks drinks.

Did You Stop to Think

All juice products contain water and sugar. Fruit juice contains naturally occurring fructose, or fruit sugar, whereas juice drinks have added sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup as well as some fructose. Scientific evidence shows that your body can't distinguish between naturally occurring and added sugars, so regardless of whether a juice or juice drink is naturally sweet or sweetened, its sugars are used by your body in the same way. See chapter 5, Carbs Simply Complex Depending on the amount of sugars added, there may be a difference in the amount of calories per label serving between fruit drinks and fruit juices.

Womens Health Premenstrual Syndrome PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a group of symptoms that generally appear 4 to 10 days before menstruation and end, often abruptly, as menstruation begins. The most common symptoms are irritability, nervous tension, depression, mood swings, craving for sugary foods, breast tenderness, water retention, and weight gain.1 The symptoms of PMS can be mild or severe about one in five women have severe symptoms that interfere with daily activities. In many women, an imbalance of too much estrogen and too little progesterone triggers the symptoms of PMS.

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes

Individuals that appear to make insulin, but whose muscle and fat cells appear to be less sensitive to its presence (type 2 diabetes). In most cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus, one of the most significant underlying factors is an excessive body weight in the form of fat. So, if a person eats excessive amounts of sugary foods, which by simple excess of energy intake will lead to fat accumulation, obesity, and subsequent diabetes, then perhaps an argument can be made. However, sugar would then be an indirect factor, not a direct factor. On the other hand, high sugar foods such as soda, cookies, cakes, and pies can make it more difficult to manage diabetes because of their glycemic effect described above.

Menus for special occasions

JAN Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and it's when I find myself craving sugary foods on a daily basis that I decide to detox to bring my body back into balance. I enjoy our dessert recipes whether detoxing or not because they rely on the natural sweetness of fruit with very little additional sweetening.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Too much sugar leads to very high blood sugar levels, causing your body to secrete insulin to bring it down to potentially dangerous low levels. Problem is, too much insulin is released, so you end up with less energy and stronger cravings for bad stuff. Today's American diet contains too much sugar, too much fat, and not enough quality protein - and too much inactivity. The results are horrendous collectively, we are fatter than ever, and it's turning into an epidemic, according to many health and medical experts.

Have You Ever Wondered

Keep your snack or drink small no more than 200 to 300 calories. Too much sugar may slow the time it takes water to leave your stomach, so your body won't replace fluids as quickly. Your best approach Enjoy a sports drink. You'll consume a little sugar to fuel your muscles-but not too much to impair rehydration.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans

In 1980, the first edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released by the USDA and HHS. The seven guidelines were (1) Eat a variety of foods (2) Maintain ideal weight (3) Avoid too much fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol (4) Eat foods with adequate starch and fiber (5) Avoid too much sugar (6) Avoid too much sodium and (7) If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. The second edition, released in 1985, made a few changes, but kept most of the guidelines intact. Two exceptions were the weight guideline, which was changed to Maintain desirable weight and the last guideline, in which alcohol was changed to alcoholic beverages.

Raw Evolutionary Diets Dont Work In Practice

A few people opt for raw-animal food because of food addiction and an unwillingness to detoxify. They want The Raw-Food Diet without detoxification, but do not understand that something for nothing disobeys the karmic law. They replace cooked-food stimulation with another kind - raw, dead-animal food. Eating raw flesh as food always leads to food obsession. I have seen this repeatedly. Typically, on the raw-animal diet, people become so unbalanced, confused, and filled with negative energy, they go back to cooked food (usually they have been eating it all along) to degrade the karmic energy of eating animal foods.

Eating to Overcome Hypoglycemia And Diabetes

Sunfood Triangle

Eating animal foods typically weakens the system to the point where hypoglycemia and diabetes manifest, but (aside from the obviously dangerous white sugar and high fructose corn syrup) cooked hybridized plant starch is the real culprit. Hypoglycemia and diabetes are caused by eating cooked hybrid starchy foods, the worst of which includes white or wheat breads, beer, cooked corn of all types, stewed carrots, refined (beet) sugar, baked potatoes, white rice, French fries, cookies, potato chips, etc. All these food types contain hybrid sugars the liver does not fully recognize and cannot regulate. These sugars send the glycemic index of the blood shooting sky-high causing either too much or too little insulin to be secreted by the pancreas (reference the Glycemic Index Chart in Lesson 11 The Secret Revealed).

Case Premenstrual Snack Attack

Once a month I feel driven to devour a bag of chocolate kisses. I can easily tell the time of the month by my eating habits. Premenstrual chocolate cravings do me in. these eating patterns and report that a complex interplay of hormonal changes seems to influence women's food choices. High levels of estrogen may be linked with the premenstrual carbohydrate cravings.

Diet and dental disease

Human intervention studies are rare, and those that have been reported are now decades old and were conducted in the pre-fluoride era before the strong link between sugars intake and dental caries levels was established. It would not be possible to repeat such studies today because of ethical constraints. The Vipeholm study, conducted in an adult mental institution in Sweden between 1945 and 1953 (50), investigated the effects of consuming sugary foods of varying stickiness and at different times throughout the day on the development of caries. It was found that sugar, even when consumed in large amounts, had little effect on caries increment if it was ingested up to a maximum of four times a day at mealtimes only. Increased frequency of consumption of sugar between meals was, however, associated with a marked increase in dental caries. It was also found that the increase in dental caries activity disappears on withdrawal of sugar-rich foods. Despite the complicated nature of the...

Regulatory Functions The Blood Brain Barrier

Transport Neutral Amino Acid Brain

The following model was developed based on animal experiments and it might explain seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which causes increased carbohydrate cravings during winter, among others. Rising insulin levels (B) after carbohydrate consumption trigger increased AA absorption into muscles. Trp levels are not affected by this since it easily binds to albumin and thereby escapes the effects of insulin. Consequently, the Trp LNAA ratio is increased, causing Trp to be transported preferentially across the blood-brain barrier. The subsequent increase in neuronal 5HT synthesis has a negative feedback effect on carbohydrate cravings.

You Must Memorize This Your Body Is Only As Good As The Things You Give It

Helps you lose weight, control appetite, enhance fat burning, and cleans your system. Keep on hand protein powder for a low-calorie energy boost. 9. Keep your blood sugar in check and quiet sugar cravings by making absolutely sure that you're following principle 2 - especially with protein.

Occurrence and Requirements

The average adult needs at least 200 g glucose d for use by glucose-dependent organs. The brain alone needs 140 g d. At any age, at least 25 of caloric intake should come from carbohydrates to avoid loss of protein (gluconeogenesis) and increased lipolysis. Using the example of a middle-aged man of normal weight, that means a minimum of 147 g d. The AMDR, as which the most recent intake recommendations for energy nutrients are expressed, is 4565 of energy (265-380 g carbohy-drate for a 2345 kcal d intake). The decrease in carbohydrate consumption during the past century occurred at the expense of complex carbohydrates. Grains, which used to supply the bulk of carbohydrate calories, were the big losers (B). When carbohydrate intakes started to rise again, largely due to the fat-free craze, the increase came mostly from simple sugars, sucrose in particular, and later high fructose corn syrup (C). The average consumption of caloric sweeteners in America today is 72 kg person year. This...

Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Sugars

Gelatin Rich Food

Corn syrup a syrup produced by the action of enzymes on cornstarch contains mostly glucose. See also high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) a corn-syrup sweetener made especially for use in processed foods and beverages, where it is the predominant sweetener. HFCS is mostly fructose glucose makes up the balance. ars assume various names sucrose, invert sugar, com sugar, com syrups and solids, high-fructose corn syrup, and honey (see the glossary above). Eat sugary foods with meals. Dental Caries Both sugars and starches begin breaking down to sugars in the mouth and so can contribute to tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth ferment the sugars and in the process produce an acid that dissolves tooth enamel. People can eat sugar without this happening, though, for much depends on how long acid-yielding foods stay in the mouth. Sticky foods stay on the teeth longer and keep yielding acid longer than foods that are readily cleared from the mouth. For that reason,...

Dietary changes throughout pregnancy

In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 50-90 of pregnant women experience food cravings during the course of pregnancy 16-18 . Despite its prevalence, the etiology of pregnancy-related cravings is not well understood. Whereas some hypothesize that cravings are a function of cognitive characteristics of the individual 19 , others claim that cravings may represent wisdom of the body 20 . For example, pregnant women may crave certain foods to overcome nutritional deficiencies, thereby ensuring that they consume a varied diet with enough calories to support the growth of a healthy fetus 21 . This is analogous to the embryo protection hypothesis 22-24 , which proposes that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy evolved to prevent pregnant women from ingesting toxic foods that may harm the fetus.

Hot Topic Glycemic Index

That said, glycemic index is being used in research related to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity-with potential for more use in the future. Currently no evidence shows that eliminating foods with a higher glycemic index, such as baked potatoes or cornflakes, promotes weight loss or helps with appetite control. And these foods may offer nutrient and phytonutrient benefits. Just what causes cavities and how can you protect your teeth For years, we've connected tooth decay to eating sugary foods. But whether or not you get cavities depends on many factors and certainly not diet alone Heredity, as well as the makeup and flow of saliva, are factors. Although part of the equation, sugar itself isn't the culprit as once thought. Acids, produced by oral bacteria, can eat away tooth enamel, causing tooth decay, also known as dental caries. Every time you eat sugars and starches, acids begin to bathe your teeth. The cavity-producing action continues for 20 minutes or more after you...

Simple and Complex Carbohydrates

Table sugar, corn syrup, and honey all contain glucose and fructose but in differing amounts. With digestion, table sugar breaks apart into 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. The high-fructose corn syrup commonly used in soft drinks breaks down to about 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose. Honey contains about 31 percent glucose, 38 percent fructose, 10 percent other sugars, 17 percent water, and 4 percent miscellaneous particles. Your body eventually converts all monosaccha-rides and disaccharides to glucose, which travels in the blood (blood glucose) to fuel your muscles and brain. Fructose, in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), has come under scrutiny as a possible culprit contributing to the obesity epidemic (Wylie-Rosett, Segal-Isaacson, and Segal-Isaacson 2004). HFCS is made using chemical processes that first convert cornstarch to corn syrup and then convert 42 to 55 percent of the glucose in the corn syrup to fructose as a way to make it taste...

Responding To Special Guest Requests

Low-carbohydrate menu items emphasize proteins such as meat and poultry and nonstarchy vegetables such as green beans. These customers are going to try very hard to avoid sugar, white flour, and breading. Good fats in moderation are okay. Don't forget that some of your ingredients contain sugar or flour. For example, commercial salad dressings often have sugar, and sauces may use flour. Figure 10-7 shows an Atkins entr e, Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Brussels Sprouts, Cipollini, and Roasted Mushrooms with Paprika Sour Cream Sauce.

Hot topic Artificial Sweeteners And Reducedkcalorie Sweeteners

The introduction of diet soda in the 1950s sparked the widespread use of artificial sweeteners, substitutes for sugar that provide no, or almost no, kcalories. If you drink diet soda, look at the food label and see which artificial sweeteners are present. As of 2005, five artificial sweeteners had been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, and neotame. Because artificial sweeteners are considered food additives, the FDA requires that they be tested for safety before going on the market. Besides offering no kcalo-ries, artificial sweeteners are beneficial because they do not cause tooth decay or force insulin levels to rise as do added sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup. Some artificial sweeteners also work well with traditional caloric sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup and sucralose. When combined with traditional sweeteners, artificial sweeteners can not only improve taste but also decrease...

Addiction Food

Food addiction is a nonmedical term that refers to a compulsion to eat spe cific foods, usually those that are high in sugar or starch. Although this term is used to describe intense cravings to seek out specific foods, these foods are not, in and of themselves, physically addictive in the way a drug might be. Instead, the need to pursue and consume these foods may be representative of a psychological disturbance, extreme anxiety, or emotional distress. see also Eating Disorders Eating Disturbances.

Eat What You Crave

If the sight of certain foods puts your mind into a tail-spin, you may need to readjust your approach to eating. An overly restrictive diet may feed a food craving-and set you up to overindulge The jury is still out on the true cause of food cravings. It may be physiological, psychological, or both. We don't yet know if food cravings are linked to a need to resupply the body with nutrients it lacks, or if cravings are reinforced by positive emotional and social links to certain foods. Studies suggest that avoiding certain foods altogether often makes them irresistible. The result Giving in to a food craving, and perhaps overeating. Then guilt creeps in, and people try to resist those foods once again, only to overindulge and feel guilty again.

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Food Craving A survey of young Canadian adults found that 97 of women and 68 of men experienced food cravings (3). These cravings were, however, highly selective, chocolate being by far the most commonly and intensely craved item (4, 5, 6). As 85 of the Canadian sample reported that more often than not they gave in to their cravings, they are clearly powerful phenomena. To date the term food craving has been used in a similar way to the lay definition it is a strong desire or urge for a particular food. All research has been limited by the way that cravings have been measured. In the majority of cases, subjects have been asked simply to rate their desire to eat a particular food. A single-item scale is unreliable and there has been an implicit assumption that craving can be explained using a single dimension. To counter these problems, Benton et al. (7) asked 330 people to respond to 80 statements concerning chocolate and statistically established the dimensions that accounted for...

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Rogers, P.J. (1994) Mechanisms of moreishness and food craving. In Pleasure the Politics and the Reality (Ed. by Warburton, D.M.), pp. 3849. Wiley, Chichester. 68. Weingarten, H.P. and Elston, D. (1991) Food cravings in a college population. Appetite 17, 167175. 69. Hill, A.J., Weaver, C.F.L. and Blundell, J.E. (1991) Food craving, dietary restraint and mood. Appetite 17, 187197. 70. Rozin, P., Levine, E. and Stoess, C. (1991) Chocolate craving and liking. Appetite 17, 199212. 71. Weingarten, H.P. and Elston, D. (1990) The phenomenology of food cravings. Appetite 15, 231246. 73. Tomelleri, R. and Grunewald, K.K. (1987) Menstrual-cycle and food cravings in young college women. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 87, 311315.

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Rozin, P., Levine, E. and Stoess, C. (1991) Chocolate craving and liking. Appetite 17, 199212. 2. Weingarten, H. P. and Elston, D. (1991) Food cravings in a college population. Appetite, 17, 167175. 3. Pelchat, M.L. (1997) Food cravings in young and elderly adults. Appetite 28, 103113. 4. Michener, W. and Rozin, P. (1994) Pharmacological versus sensory factors in the satiation of chocolate craving. Physiol. Behav. 56, 419422.

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Drewnowski et al. (41) examined the hypothesis that the influence of opiate antagonists on taste preferences and food consumption would be greater amongst binge eaters. Bingeing is typically associated with food cravings. They compared patients with a diagnosis of bulimia nervosa with a group without this history. Snack foods were presented and divided into four categories depending on whether they contained high or low levels of sugar or fat. The high-sugar high-fat category contained chocolate bars and chocolate-containing cookies and candies. The infusion of naloxone, rather than saline, significantly reduced the total energy intake of binge eaters. The reduction in intake was most marked for the high-sugar high-fat foods such as those containing chocolate. The obvious explanation is that such foods are highly palatable and that the pleasure associated with eating such foods is mediated via opioid mechanisms. Thus drugs such as naloxone, that block the action of endogenous opioids,...

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Tomelleri, R. and Grunewald, K.K. (1987) Menstrual cycle and food cravings in young college women. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 87, 311315. 92. Michener, W. and Rozin, P. (1994) Pharmacological versus sensory factors in the satiation of chocolate craving. Physiol. Behav. 56, 419422.

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Weight Control and Chocolate Cravings Chocolate is the single most craved food in studies of food cravings (34, 6870). Theoretical models used to explain chocolate cravings include abstinence and expectancy models (71). Abstinence models contend that consumers who abstain from consuming a particular food, say for health or weight reasons, are more susceptible to cravings for that particular food. Weight loss interventions have not focused on chocolate per se, rather on TEI, activity and, often, snack reduction. In the UK, chocolate is the most frequently cited reason for failure to continue with weight reduction diets (Dr E. Evans, personal communication). In relation to 'sweet' cravings frequently experienced by slimmers who are 'not allowed' sweets and chocolate, the concept of keeping within target caloric intake whilst incorporating 'a-treat-a-day' (often chocolate) has proved successful. If chocolate (in measured amounts) can be a positive aid in weight loss programmes, then this...


Do you have any food cravings Inquiry about eating behaviors may also uncover related issues such as food cravings or aversions, timing and triggers of intake, and fasting and ritualistic behaviors. These may be linked to dental problems, morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, gastrointestinal symptoms, and mood changes during pregnancy.

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Be aware that cooked-food cravings present themselves when you are tired (at the end of a long day). Be prepared. Go to sleep early if necessary. Drink a glass of pure water with a twist of fresh lemon. Persist, break the cravings, and soon the desire disappears. 22. Food itself is an anchor which accesses different emotional states. To break food addictions, identify which emotional state you are trying to reach and then discover a way to get there without food. Periods of food obsession will pass, just stay the course. Work through emotional addictions to food. You can do it.


Several clinical trials have shown that supplementation of calcium and magnesium can play a crucial role in the prevention of PMS. Nine hundred to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day was found to be effective in reducing food cravings and mood swings, and 200 to 500 milligrams of magnesium reduced bloating and breast tenderness. Studies of vitamin B6 and vitamin E intake have had varied results. A daily multivitamin-mineral supplement is believed to be beneficial for all PMS sufferers. Besides additions to the diet, it is suggested that women suffering from PMS should avoid caffeine, in the form of soft drinks, coffee, or chocolate refined sugars sodium and saturated fats. Drinking plenty of water is a complement to cutting back on sodium. The effects of alcohol are usually magnified in premenstrual women, and therefore it is also advised that alcohol consumption be decreased or stopped totally.

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Chronic rather than acute consumption and such a mechanism could not account for craving. Premenstrual Syndrome and Chocolate Craving It has been reported repeatedly that the incidence of chocolate craving increases in the premenstrual stage. As early as the 1950s, surveys began to find that the premenstrual stage was associated with cravings for sweet items, particularly chocolate, although there was also a general increase in appetite (81). As one example, a survey found that 58 of women reported that appetite increased and 61 reported an increased desire for sweet foods in the premenstrual stage (81). The consistency of these findings has led to the view that food craving is a symptom of

Foods To Avoid

Sugar and sugary foods white, brown and raw sugar, soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, slices, pastries, puddings, lollies, chocolate, 'health' bars, muesli bars Artificial sweeteners Alcohol all types Fibre is essential in your daily diet to help absorb and eliminate toxins from your digestive system. Choose from the options below and have two serves per day, at breakfast and later in the day (afternoon tea is a good time to reduce sugar cravings and help reduce appetite).

No Appetite

If that happens, the appetite control center of your brain might be affected, signaling that you're not hungry even when you should be. You may lose your appetite and tolerance for food when you're sick even though you need nourishment to get well. Or emotional stress may affect your desire for and ability to handle food.

Control of appetite

Very rarely, people are overweight or obese as a result of a physical defect of the appetite control centres in the brain for example, some tumours can cause damage to the satiety centre, so that the patient feels hunger, but not the sensation of satiety, and has no physiological cue to stop eating. More commonly, obesity can be attributed to a psychological failure of appetite control. At its simplest, this can be blamed on the variety of attractive foods available. People can easily be tempted to eat more than they need, and it may take quite an effort of will-power to refuse a choice morsel. Even when hunger has been satisfied, the appearance of a different dish can stimulate the appetite. Experimental animals, which normally do not become obese, can be persuaded to overeat and become obese by providing them with a 'cafeteria' array of attractive foods.

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When the subjects experienced chocolate craving they opened the box, consumed what was offered and rated the extent to which the craving for chocolate was satisfied. Table 17.2 lists various theories of the origin of chocolate craving tested by Michener and Rozin (92). When subjects experienced chocolate craving they consumed one of the items in the left-hand column. The ability to satisfy the craving is presented in the right-hand column ++, full effect +, partial effect 0, no effect. The predictions of the various theories of the origin of chocolate craving are outlined in columns two to four. If it is the sensory experience that is important then chocolate itself, and to a lesser extent white chocolate, should be satisfying. If it is the increase in blood glucose that is important then brown and white chocolate should help cravings. If the pharmacological ingredients or magnesium are important, then both cocoa powder and chocolate should satisfy cravings. Table 17.2 Theories of...

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The significance of the ecstasy finding for the rest of the population is unclear. Although some have suggested that the finding with ecstasy users gives credibility to the suggestion that chocolate craving reflects abnormal neural functioning, it should be remembered that these individuals could well be suffering from brain damage. In contrast, in a sample of students who reported taking ecstasy at least 20 times, there was no greater report of chocolate craving than in those who had not taken the drug (M. Morgan, personal communication). This sample needs to be compared with the patients of Schifano and Magni (77) who reported taking ecstasy as many as 2000 times, although some on as few as 20 occasions. Ecstasy-induced chocolate craving appears to be unusual, or alternatively only results when ecstasy has been taken on numerous occasions. Anandamide is a brain lipid that binds with high affinity to cannabinoid receptors and therefore has an influence similar to the active...

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It might be argued that chocolate can contribute to the US recommended daily allowance of 280 mg of magnesium for an adult female indeed, if eaten regularly chocolate may help to prevent a deficiency. However, the evidence of Michener and Rozin (92) was that a capsule of cocoa powder that supplied the same amount of magnesium as milk chocolate lacked the ability to satisfy chocolate craving (see below). There is no evidence that an acute intake of magnesium relieves chocolate craving. Only one study has attempted to compare the relative contributions of the psychological and physiological mechanisms that underlie chocolate craving (92). The approach taken was to see which of the various constituents of chocolate satisfy craving. Cocoa butter is the fat that, when removed from chocolate liquor, leaves cocoa powder. The known pharmacological ingredients are all in the cocoa powder. Therefore, if you eat white chocolate made from the cocoa butter you have the fat and sugar intake of...

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In summary, a consistent picture has emerged. Chocolate craving is by far the most common food item that is craved, and this is particularly true in females. There is considerable evidence that chocolate craving and poor mood are related. The question that arises is the origin of this relationship. To what extent do the mood-enhancing properties of chocolate reflect biological or psychological mechanisms

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The gender difference in headache prevalence is often explained by hormonal differences. Estrogen fluctuation associated with the onset of menses has been identified as a frequent migraine trigger, occurring regularly in about 60 of women (48). Headache diaries have demonstrated this association reliably (49). Interestingly, the onset of menses has also been associated with an increase in carbohydrate and chocolate craving (46, 50). Women may also become more sensitive to the effects of vasoactive chemicals such as tyramine and BPEA in the perimenstrum (51). Thus, the occurrence of a menstrual headache may be erroneously associated with chocolate ingestion, the craving of which is also associated with menses onset. Additionally, chocolate may actually contribute as a trigger, but only during the perimenstrum.

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Mandenoff et al. (36) proposed that with a monotonous diet, in a predictable environment, the endogenous opiate system is not necessary for the control of eating. However, with stress, fasting and the consumption of highly palatable foods it plays a role. In the rat, a stressor, such as pinching the tail, will induce a naloxone-reversible increase in eating (37). Mandenoff et al. (36) suggested that if a stress-induced release of endorphin is not enough to protect the animal, it is adaptive to eat and increase blood glucose levels. In this way further endorphin release can be stimulated. The authors pointed to the parallels between the stress-induced increase in rodent eating and the stressed humans who snack on palatable foods. As discussed above, there is a close association between negative mood and chocolate craving. The possibility that the binge eating of palatable foods may be modulated by the endogenous opiate systems has also been considered. Abnormally high levels of...

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Chocolate is a chemically complex substance, rich with many pharmacologically active compounds including histamine, tryptophan, serotonin, phenylethylamine and octopamine. As these are all found in higher levels in other food items, lacking the appeal of chocolate, it is improbable that they play a major part in chocolate craving. Chocolate is a major source of certain minerals including copper, magnesium and iron. A 50 g bar of plain chocolate offers 1.2 mg of iron and milk chocolate 0.8 mg. These levels compare with the US recommended daily amount of 15 mg day for an adult female and 10 mg day for an adult male. In a sample of young British adults, Fordy and Benton (76) found that 52 of females and 11 of males had levels of ferritin, the storage protein for iron, below the recommended level. Given the widespread instance of iron-deficiency anaemia, both in industrialized and developing countries, any source of iron is likely to be valuable. Although there is no reason to believe...

Fluid Choices

After a hard workout, some athletes like having a Coke or Pepsi but wonder how bad this is for recovery and for their health. Many of these tired athletes welcome cola's combination of sugar, caffeine, and water to refuel, rehydrate, and revive themselves. Although juice would offer far more vitamins and minerals, dietary guidelines indicate that 10 percent of calories can appropriately come from refined sugar. Hence, you can enjoy, if desired, 200 to 300 calories of daily sugar a can or two of soft drink. The choice of whether to drink regular soft drinks (sweetened with high fructose corn syrup) or diet soft drinks is a personal decision. I'd vote for water, myself. Regular soda is filled with nutritionally empty sugar calories diet soda has artificial sweeteners unnatural substances that have been

Health Issues

In the Caribbean region, nutrition-related chronic diseases are common, threatening the well-being of the people of the islands. In the 1950s, the governments of the Caribbean were concerned about the malnutrition that permeated the region. They were able to increase the protein and calorie needs by making meat, fats, oils, and refined sugar more available. The health and nutrition initiatives introduced helped curbed the malnutrition, but new and related health and nutrition problems began to emerge.

Macrobiotic Diet

The standard macrobiotic diet avoids many foods including meat, poultry, animal fats, eggs, dairy products, refined sugar, and foods containing artificial sweeteners or other chemical additives. All recommended foods are preferably organically grown and minimally processed. Consumption of genetically modified, irradiated, processed, canned, and frozen foods is discouraged. The diet consists of five categories of foods (with a recommended weight percentage of total food consumed)

Sugar Fixes

Eating a high-sugar food 15 to 45 minutes before exercise can have a negative effect if you are sensitive to swings in blood sugar. A concentrated dose of sugar (either natural sugar in fruit juice or refined sugar in soft drinks and jelly beans) rapidly boosts your blood sugar but simultaneously triggers the pancreas to secrete a large amount of insulin. Insulin transports excess sugar out of the blood and into the muscles. Exercise, like insulin, similarly enhances this transport. Thus, your blood sugar can drop to an abnormally low level once you start to exercise. In general, though, people who are in good physical condition can regulate their blood sugar with far less insulin than sedentary people and do not experience the sugar crash.

Better Choices

Dried fruit is filled with natural sugar which the body can recognize. Candy contains refined sugar which the body does not recognize and which acts as a powerful behavioral drug. Eat green-leafed vegetables with or following dried fruit to clean the teeth.

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While many people in developing countries do not have regular access to adequate amounts of varied, good quality and safe foods, for many people in the main countries where cocoa products are consumed the problem is not the source of their next meal, but rather how to consume less calories, particularly fat calories and those saturated fats that are linked with health risk factors. Is it a surprise, then, that chocolate, a mixture of refined sugar and mostly saturated fat, has been a favorite target It is only now that research is demonstrating yet again that there are no absolutes not all saturated fats are created equally harmful some fats such as stearic acid can be benign.


To date, no specific dietary component has been consistently identified as a cause for IBD. Diets high in refined sugar appear to be associated with the development of Crohn's disease,40 but not ulcerative colitis.41 Decreased dietary consumption of fruits and vegetables may be associated with an increased risk of developing Crohn's disease.40 Increased dietary n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids relative to n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids also may be associated with Crohn's disease.42 Dietary components may alter intestinal flora, which then may modify the mucosal immune response in the susceptible host. Modified carbohydrate diets are used by many patients with Crohn's disease and one should not disregard patients' observations about the impact of specific foods on disease activity. As long as

Chapter Eleven

This means a diet that is high in salads. Salad dressings are permitted as long as the salad dressings do not contain anything which the patient may not have. Salad dressings which contain egg or sugar are not permitted. I find that many of my patients soon begin to make their own salad dressings. This is fine as long as they start with a pure vegetable oil and use no refined sugar. I do not attempt to severely limit the salt intake of my patients unless they have a medical problem which requires it. I tell them that salt may be used in moderation, but any salt that is used should be sea salt. The mineral content of sea salt is far superior to mineral content of the salt we normally use. Iodized sea salt is fine, if they need it. I encourage them to use a variety of other herbs and spices in order to vary the

To Added Sugars

Added sugars (Figure 3-3) include white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other sweeteners added to foods in processing, as well as sugars added to foods at the table. Added sugars are the major source of simple sugars in most diets. High-fructose corn syrup is corn syrup that has been treated with an enzyme to convert part of the glucose it contains to fructose. The reason for changing the glucose to fructose lies in the fact that fructose is twice as sweet as glucose. High-fructose corn syrup is therefore sweeter, ounce for ounce, than corn syrup, and so smaller amounts can be used (making it cheaper). It is used to sweeten almost all regular soft drinks and is frequently used in fruit drinks, sweetened teas, cookies, jams and jellies, syrups, and sweet pickles. When you look at Sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel, keep in mind that the number of grams given includes naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. Your body processes natural and added sugars in the same way. In...

No Surprises

Ingredients crust wheat flour with malted barley flour, water, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean and or cottonseed oil) withCsoy lecithi n,(artificial flavor and artificial color (beta carotene), soybean oil, yeast, high fructose corn syrup)salt, calcium propionate) added to retard spoilage of crust, l-cysteine monohydrochloride sauce tomato puree (water, tomato paste), water green peppers, salt, lactose and flavoring, spices, food starch modified, sugar, corn oil, (xanthan gum, )garlic


The table sugar that we purchase is processed from sugar cane or sugar beets. As an additive to many different types of prepared or processed foods, sucrose adds nutritive value (in the form of calories only), flavor, texture, and structure, while helping to retain moisture. Today, sucrose is most often used to sweeten (nondietetic) carbonated beverages and fruit drinks (other than juice), candy, pastries, cakes, cookies, and frozen desserts. One of the most commonly consumed forms of sugar is called high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup is also commonly used to sweeten sodas, fruit drinks (not juices), some ice creams, and some manufactured pastries and cookies. Other forms of sucrose include brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, and turbinado (raw) sugar.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates, or simple sugars, are composed of monosaccharide or disaccharide units. Common monosaccharides (carbohydrates composed of single sugar units) include glucose, fructose, and galactose. Glucose is the most common type of sugar and the primary form of sugar that is stored in the body for energy. It sometimes is referred to as blood sugar or dextrose and is of particular importance to individuals who have diabetes or hypoglycemia. Fructose, the primary sugar found in fruits, also is found in honey and high-fructose corn syrup (in soft drinks) and is a major source of sugar in the diet of Americans. Galactose is less likely than glucose or fructose to be found in nature. Instead, it often combines with glucose to form the dis-accharide lactose, often referred to as milk sugar. Both fructose and galactose are metabolized to glucose for use by the body. High-fructose corn syrup

Corn gluten meal

Corn gluten meal contains around 60 CP and is a by-product of wet milling of corn, most of which is for manufacture of high-fructose corn syrup. Being high in protein, it is often compared to animal protein ingredients during formulation. The protein is merely a concentration of the original corn protein component brought about by removal of the starch in the endosperm. There are, in fact, two products often manufactured during wet milling, the alternate being corn gluten feed which contains only 20 CP, due to dilution with various hull material. In certain regions of the world, the two products are merely called 'corn gluten' and so this must be differentiated based on protein content. Corn

Fastfood Dilemmas

Amy's lunch at the fast-food restaurant of burger, fries, and chocolate shake filled her up, but with what Amy's hamburger was made of a 100 beef patty, bun, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, salt, and pepper. The fries were made of potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor, dextrose, and sodium acid pyrophosphate. The chocolate shake contained whole milk, sucrose, cream, nonfat milk solids, corn syrup solids, mono- and diglycerides, guar gum, imitation vanilla flavor, carrageenan, cellulose gum, and vitamin A palmitate. The chocolate syrup in the shake was made from high fructose corn syrup, regular corn syrup, water, processed cocoa, natural and artificial flavor, salt, potassium sorbate, and vanillin.

An Energizing Start

Even if you've committed to eating breakfast, consider this what you choose for breakfast can make a difference in your energy level for the morning. When a breakfast consists mostly of sugary foods, such as fruit, fruit juice, candy, or soda pop, a quick rise in your blood sugar occurs, causing a surge in energy. After about an hour, blood sugar and energy decline, bringing on symptoms of hunger.

Dental Decay

Formation of healthy teeth is supported by proper diet during childhood - ample protein, calcium, phosphate, and vitamins C and D are particularly important. Diet is also important in the prevention of dental caries. Repeated exposure of the teeth to sugar by frequent snacking on sugary foods and drinks will substantially increase risk of dental caries. Resistance to dental caries is increased if the diet contains optimum amounts of fluoride. Fluoride is incorporated into the crystals that form the tooth enamel, making them more resistant to acid. In many areas, fluoridation of the water or salt supply provides children with ample fluoride. In areas where the flu-

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Glycemic Index of Foods Containing Refined Sugars Where do sugary foods fall on the GI scale In a large study of foods containing sugars, GI values ranged from very low to very high (5). The median GI, however, was only 56 (glucose 100). The GI of the foods containing naturally occurring sugars only was similar to that of foods containing added sugars (median 53 versus 58 respectively, P 0.08). Similarly, the median insulin index of the foods containing natural sugars was not significantly different from that of the foods containing added sugars (56 versus 61, P 0.16). In addition, there was no significant difference in responses between cakes, muffins, cookies and crackers made with or without added sugars. Foods where added sugar produced substantially higher values included canned peaches, milk, yogurt and soft drinks. However, even in these instances the GI values of the foods containing added sugar were less than those of starchy staples such as bread. The explanation for the...

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Sugars play a unique role in human diets. They satisfy our instinctual desire for sweetness and contribute 2022 of the energy in modern Western diets. Revised estimates of honey intake in prehistoric times indicate that amounts eaten may have approached the current levels of added sugars (33). Added sugars have many functional roles in foods, which extend beyond their sweetness, including preservative, textural and flavour-modifying qualities. Unfortunately, sugars have a 'bad reputation' especially in respect of dental caries, which is no longer deserved. Since it is now clear that neither sugary foods in general nor chocolate itself produce exceptionally high glucose responses, other arguments are often raised to justify a restriction on sugar. However, even in these areas, new research dispels much of the old dietary dogma. In the past, refined sucrose was believed to cause diabetes, excessive weight gain, heart disease, micro-nutrient deficiencies and even hyperactivity in...

Diet Caries

Sucrose is extremely cariogenic, whereas lactose (milk sugar) and fructose are less likely to cause caries. Unlike sugars, fats and protein cannot be used by bacteria to produce acid. Moreover, fats can coat the teeth and form a protective layer, whereas proteins increase the buffering capacity of the saliva. Milk products or cheese rather than sugary foods at the end of meals can reduce acid formation and help prevent tooth decay.

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In theory, a variety of carbohydrate-rich menus may be used by athletes to 'fuel up' before events. However, studies have reported that in real life, athletes do not have sufficient practical nutrition knowledge to achieve such carbohydrate intakes and may require dietary counselling (8). Dietary patterns that may limit total carbohydrate intakes include reliance on three meals per day instead of more frequent food intake opportunities, emphasis on high fibre and bulky carbohydrate-rich foods which may cause gastrointestinal fullness before fuel intake targets are reached, and the failure to recognize sugar and sugary foods as suitable carbohydrate-rich sources (8). Education should promote the advantages of frequent meals and snacks and compact, dietary forms of carbohydrate such as sugar-rich foods and carbohydrate-containing drinks.

Nuts Seeds unsoaked

The fear of fruit (too much sugar), the fear of vegetables (too bitter), and the fear of fatty foods (too fattening) leaves on confused and with dietary health challenges. Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins provides a good metaphor for FEAR False Evidence that Appears Real. Remember my earlier advice Stop listening to anyone in any field who is not getting the results that you desire. By reading this lesson you have made this decision to dismiss any fears of fruits, green-leafed vegetables or fats.

Dr Lenden Smith

As we know--those of us who have worked with nutrition at all--low blood sugar, not just eating sugar, can do that, but also eating foods to which a person is sensitive, will make the blood sugar fall and that can lead to depression. So lack of magnesium and falling blood sugar, for whatever reason, are the two most significant things responsible for a susceptibility to depression.


Sunfood Triangle

Food, first and foremost, is a stimulant. We can do without one of these three classes of food for a time, if we eat very little and do not stimulate our body too far in one direction. If we go too far in one direction, then the other foods should be brought in to pull us back. For example, if you eat too much sugar, you need fat and chlorophyll to pull you back. If you eat too much chlorophyll, you need fat and sugar to center you.

Dr Alan Spreen

Normally I start by taking the known stressors out of the diet. The first three are sugar, sugar, and sugar. When people eat a lot of refined sugar, the body tries to bring the sugar level down. Their sugar levels bounce up and down, up and down. They're getting highs and lows, which make their mind fog up and prevent clear thinking and memory. B complex is needed today more than ever before in the American diet. The foods most of us eat are almost totally refined. Most of our carbohydrates have been processed, resulting in nutrient loss. At the top of the list are B complex vitamins. All of the B vitamins work together, predominantly to help with the assimilation of carbohydrates. When that's removed, people use up their B complex stores in the body, which are somewhat limited, being water-soluble. If they ate unrefined foods, they would have what is required in the food for the assimilation of that food. So I give both B complex in a supplement and extra B12 if fatigue is a problem....

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One would normally expect the GI and II to be roughly similar since the blood glucose rise is the major stimulus for insulin secretion. Plasma glucose and insulin responses have correlated well in studies of sugary foods (5, 10) and starchy foods (26). Surprisingly, among this group of foods there was no positive correlation between glucose and insulin (r 0.3, NS, Fig. 12.2). In fact, in three cases the II

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Chocolate Consumption Chart

Research on consumers who report food cravings has revealed no specific link to obesity (69), dietary restraint (34, 69, 72) or oestradiol levels (34). However, menstrual cycle (73, 74), pregnancy (75), problem eating (64) and negative affect (69) have been linked to cravings. Therefore, although some obese consumers may experience chocolate cravings, this is no more common than cravings reported by their lean counterparts.


Refined and processed sugars (e.g. high fructose corn syrup, table sugar, brown sugar) are drugs. Natural sugars are also drugs when taken in excessively through hybridized foods. Refined and hybrid sugar slips past the liver like a slipping gear. The liver tries to recognize the sugar, but for the most part, it is unidentifiable and slippage occurs as unprocessed sugar enters the blood rapidly, causing a high, or sugar rush which has been described by many people addicted to refined sugar or even by people hooked on carrot juice. Hybrid sugar, like refined sugar, can overstimulate the endocrine system, unless it is mitigated with fats and green-leafed vegetables, to lessen the shock. The glands sense the body is loaded with food, but hybrid foods (especially commercial fruits and root vegetables) are fairly empty of trace nutrients and the body signals more hunger, which leads to an overeating of hybrid sweet fruit (seedless fruit). This overeating can be stopped by eating...

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Weingarten, H.P. and Elston, D. (1991) Food cravings in a college population. Appetite 17, 167175. 4. Rozin, P., Leveine, E. and Stoess, C. (1991) Chocolate craving and liking. Appetite 17, 199212. 5. Rodin, J., Mancuso, J., Granger, J. and Nelbach, E. (1991) Food craving in relation to body mass index, restraint and estradiol levels a repeated measures study in healthy women. Appetite 17, 177185. 6. Hill, A.J., Weaver, C.F.L. and Blundell, J.E. (1991) Food craving, dietary restraint and mood. Appetite 17, 187197.

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Chapter 17 Chocolate Craving 'food cravings are Mother Nature's way of informing us that we need to eat a specific food in order to look and feel great . . . Chocolate can cause a rush of both serotonin and endorphins into your brain cells . . . it has been called the most effective non-drug anti-depressant . . . the ''Prozac of plants.'

Dr Richard Khunan

I have adapted a strategy that allows people a chance to test themselves where diet is concerned in order to identify their needs. I call that test the Listen To Your Body Diet, which I wrote about in my book Meganutrition years ago. The bottom line is that people find their own particular food favorites and their own particular dietary balance, especially relative to carbohydrates. Usually, however, it's a blanket thing, like avoid sugars or increase complex carbohydrates. It leaves a lot unanswered until people go for some specific tests. Alcoholism is so tied in with carbohydrate metabolism that it is fair to say they are genetically superimposable. I have seen families in which half of the members were alcoholics and the other half were sugarholics. And you could switch them over. You could probably make alcoholics of the people that were addicted to sugar, and it is well known that if alcoholics just go through a psychologically based program, and not a biochemically based...

Raw Honey

Honey is a real blessing for you sugar addicts (me). It lets you add something sweet to your diet to replace the refined sugar products you shouldn't eat. I add it to brown rice for a delicious lunch, or more commonly to the Spartan Milkshake as seen in the '7 Secrets Recipes from the Spartan Kitchen' Special Report.

Dr Kendall Gerdes

For instance, when an infant is crying or upset, the mother gives him some breast milk, and the sugar and fat in the milk probably trigger the endorphin system so that the baby then can go to sleep. That same system can be activated under some circumstances by children and adults in order to make themselves feel good--which is exactly the same pattern in heroin addiction. As a consequence, people find themselves having to use a particular food or a group of foods to feel better. That is part of the basis of food addiction.

Dr Hyla Cass

Some time ago, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders began to send her clients to me because she had heard that antidepressant medications worked for these patients. I had shifted to a more holistic way of looking at things, so I said before I did anything with antidepressants I would try some other things. With certain eating disorders, such as food cravings, the underlying problem is a food allergy. We crave the foods that we are allergic to. Often, it's the very things we want to eat that are the most damaging, that create the symptoms. In fact, it's like an addiction to alcohol As you withdraw from the foods you're addicted to, you begin to have withdrawal symptoms and so you want to have more of those foods. In order to break the cycle, which is the same as breaking the cycle with drinking (alcoholics are actually allergic to alcohol), you need to supply the body with the appropriate nutrients. It's not just a matter of willpower, of staying off these foods. In...


Every Sunfoodist grows through periods of eating large quantities of raw plant foods, especially during the transition and beyond. This is part of overcoming cooked-food cravings and releasing emotions. I recommend that you tune in to the aliesthetic taste change, progressively simplify your diet, face sunken emotions when they come up and enjoy the process of becoming healthier, happier, and more joyful.

Dr Warren Levin

Hypoglycemia is a basic problem that is frequently stress-induced. When people take a large dose of sugar into the body (and one cola drink contains more sugar than the entire bloodstream), the level of sugar in the body goes way up. Now, the body's entire commitment is to maintain balance or equilibrium the technical word is homeostasis. The body produces a basic hormone called insulin that is supposed to take the sugar from the blood and deliver it into the cells, and when the sugar goes up very rapidly the body reacts excessively, resulting in too much sugar being driven out of the blood, and that produces low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. The body then has to correct the balance again, and it can be an emergency. If the blood sugar goes too high, it is not an emergency the body can tolerate it. But the brain requires a certain level of blood sugar to function, so when the blood sugar starts plummeting--and it can sometimes drop at a frightening rate--the body calls forth its...

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