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So, you want to lose weight?

Good, because there's good news, and BETTER news.

The good news, which I'm sure you've already heard, is that you don't have to go on a Spartan-like, specific, time-restricted, weight-loss diet. These are obsolete. And they don't work, either, since you'll re-gain the weight (and then some).

The better news is that the sound, balanced eating-for-the-rest-of-your-life plan that you must follow helps you build the leaner, energized, great looking body and ward off disease.

And there's no downside here. Read on for valuable tips.

1. Go Back To Pre-Historic Times To Understand Why We're Overweight

We still carry the fat-forming ability of our ancestors, the Neanderthals, and that ability was a pretty handy thing to have - for that time. At that time, we didn't have grocery stores, three meals a day, and snacks anytime we felt like it. You only had food when you hunted successfully, or when you came across a dead animal or berries.

So whenever you came across something edible, you considered yourself lucky, and you stuffed your face. Well, there weren't refrigerators or anything else for storage. So you ate until you couldn't move... lay around for a few days to conserve calories. Of course, you had to exercise again, to start searching for more food. That's when you'd shed the extra fat.

Today, we're really good at following this pattern of our ancestors - okay, at least 3/4 of it. We're great at stuffing our faces 'till we can't move. We're great at being lazy. And putting on extra fat. The problem lies in eventually exercising to get more food. We don't have to do that anymore. All we have to do is hop in the car and go to the store. So we don't get rid of the fat.

It is clearly obvious what the solution is.

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