The Top Ways To Renew Your Commitment To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life And Stay There

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EVERYONE I talk to has, at some point, had a layoff from working out, eating healthy, and building a great body. They used to be in really good to awesome shape, but "things" happened that resulted in them neglecting themselves, and they've had a rude awakening. This may even be you.

And you know you have to do something - no, you WANT to do something about getting healthier and in better shape. But this time you want it PERMANENTLY. But since you've had such a long layoff, you wonder if that's even remotely possible. Age, occupation, family, etc. are all excuses that your comfort zone is nagging you with.

The question everybody has for me is, "How can I be sure this time I'm going to stick with it for the long haul?" Use the following tips:

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