Realize that You Have The Power Within You to make yourself a healthy fit vital and alive individual

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No one or no thing will do this for you. People today are so darn caught up in looking for the "magic" whatever to be energized and leaner, and they always end up disappointed. It's YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself.

It all starts within your marvelous mind. Each one of us has this incredible power to alter our lives, simply by altering our minds. Now, you can continue what you're doing and how you're feeling, and keep getting what you're getting.

Just do it - if you don't like how you think, feel, and act, just change them. You CAN, if you think you can.

2. Affirm and keep on affirming that the powerful life force is flowing through your mind, your spirit, and your body.

Many people think positive affirmations are corny. Corny as they may seem, THEY WORK. AND THEY WORK VERY EFFECTIVELY.

When you use affirmations like, "I HAVE a powerful life force flowing through my mind, spirit, and body," you program (or re-program) your self-image to say, "Okay, I'll arrange for that." And indeed it does. Your self-image does whatever you program it to do. So why not program it according to what you really want?

3. Rid yourself of all "sick" thoughts - hate, resentment, inferiority, "I can't," "Yeah, but..." "If only I...," and the like.

First, we were not put on this planet to fail. We were put on this earth to SUCCEED. And succeed well. Where do these thoughts get you? Nowhere. You're holding on to something, which means it's going to hold you back. It's an unnecessary "ball-and-chain" that just adds to your stress and impairs your health and well being.

4. Every day practice emptying your mind of all unhealthy attitudes.

A good example of this exercise is meditation. Even if it's for 15 minutes. Done regularly, you'll soon be able to clear your mind of these detrimental attitudes on cue. Affirmations work well, too. "My mind is calm and serene," or something to that effect. Don't tell yourself you're free from this bad thought or that bad thought, because then you're going to be constantly aware of them. And that's going to keep you in a rut.

5. Keep your mind tuned up to keep your body in tone.

Here's a big request I have of you: for just 24 hours, think healthier. For every thought that enters your mind, make it a healthy, productive thought, no matter how bad the situation. Really. All I'm asking is for 24 hours.

That means for ONLY one day, do not think or voice a negative thought, and express no resentment. Just affirm that you are a healthy, fit, alive, and energized human being.

Now, considering that most of us have hundreds of thousands of hours left to live, it would make sense to just experiment with ONLY 24 of those hours to enjoy the rest of your life with vim and vigor, or tarnished health.

And please don't tell me you'll get to it "sometime." "Sometime only means NO time. If you're ever going to benefit from this exercise, GET WITH IT. Do it now.

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