Permanent Love Handles

Avoid doing side bends at all costs. Period. Keep your waist slim by FIRST and foremost, changing your diet. Second, supplement your strength training with aerobic exercise for more calorie burning. Third (and you probably thought this should be first), do your ab training daily.

If you want to shrink your love handles, follow this order. The safest exercise to work your obliques without growing them is to do the Lying Cross-Crunch.

This crunch is performed exactly like your standard crunch, with this exception: after you've done a full crunch, turn your torso so your opposite elbow turns toward your opposite knee (right elbow towards left knee). It's a two-part movement; crunch, then twist (blow out your air). Down. Crunch, and then twist. Do all of your reps twisting one way, then repeat for the other side. 2-3 sets of UP to 25 reps each side is a general guideline.

90 Seconds To Flatter Abs

Are you doing hundreds of sit-ups and/or crunches, spending 15-20 minutes doing abdominal work with the hopes of flattening them out?

Better yet, have you plain given up on doing abdominal work because it's just too dang hard, and you're not getting any results for all the effort?

My friends, you can flatten your abs with just 90 seconds of work, 3-6 times a week. Incredible, isn't it?

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