Over Generalizing Jumping The

Does this sound familiar?

"I've tried EVERY DIET/EXERCISE PROGRAM/VIDEO/BOOK and never succeeded in any of them. I guess I'll never lose weight. I don't know what else to do."


Name 10 methods you've tried to get healthy and fit. Name 20. 30. 50. 100.

Did you even get past 10? Did you even get TO 10?

Building a leaner, energized, shapely body is not an event; it's a PROCESS. You don't just get to a certain weight, and that's it - you continue to challenge your mind and body to stay in peak condition. You are always experimenting with new and better ways to be at your best, otherwise you'll quit. If you've exhausted a particular training routine, move on to the next. Same with nutrition, aerobics, stretching, alternative medicine, etc.

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