Other Benefits

Obviously, water prevents dehydration. And by doing so counteracts some of the body-damaging side effects (besides fat promoting) that can result from dehydration.

If you don't drink enough water, your body will retain the water it does have. This overworks the kidneys, as waste products accumulate. Your liver is then called on to filter out even more impurities. As a result, metabolizing stored fat into usable energy - one of the main functions of your liver - is minimized.

It also helps to fight fatigue, balance your electrolytes, and keep your energy levels up. Even a slightly dehydrated state can produce a small but critical shrinkage in the brain, impairing coordination, concentration, and thinking.

Keep a water bottle or thermal tumbler at your desk with you. Most generally they're 16 oz. sizes, so fill it up at least 4 times to get your daily requirement.

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