Nutritional Supplements Are Your Ammo

And YOU fire the gun.

Think of them as if you're going to war and they're a bag of ammo you're carrying to battle. When you're fighting for your life, it's good to have it around.

But if you never see the enemy and shoot your gun, you'll be carrying a lot of extra weight and expense for nothing.

By the same token, you must work out (shoot your gun), if you're going to take supplements. If you don't, then you've got the most expensive urine on the planet. Supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS. They compliment your workout and dietary efforts. They don't do it alone.

You've got to work to make them work for you. Savvy marketers don't tell you this, though, because they want you buy NOW. That's pretty smart on their part, but leaves you in the dust.

Most generally, supplements work slowly - they're not an overnight success. You should start feeling, even seeing results after about 30 days in most cases. That's providing you're doing the other necessary things like diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

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