Match Yourself With One Of These Exercise Scenarios to Help You Lose Weight

You'd think that 30 minutes would be enough exercise for one day. After all, that's how long aerobics videos last, how aerobic machines are generally programmed, how long you have time at your lunch hour to break a sweat. Even our Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes of physical activity daily. So if 30 minutes a day is the ticket, why are so many people having trouble losing weight?

First of all, each one of us is different. For someone who needs to lose a few pounds, 30 minutes does the trick. But if you've got a family history of bigness in your family, 30 minutes barely scratches the surface.

Sometimes it's not as easy as "burn more calories than you're taking in." Some of it has to do with heredity.

Weight Loss New Years Resolution Success

Weight Loss New Years Resolution Success

Sure you haven’t tried this program before but you no doubt aren’t a stranger to the dieting merry go-round that has been plaguing your life up to this point.

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