List all people ideas and things that are holding you back from building the body and living the lif

There are a lot of things that hold people back from reaching goals. Especially when there's been a long layoff; there seems to be that many more EXCUSES for not starting, not continuing, not doing. These excuses are obstacles. It's time you recognize them so you can handle them, rather than throwing a band-aid on them.

What/Who is stopping you from getting started (and going, for good) with your mind/body-shaping program? List them. ALL of them. What's happening in this exercise is that it is increasing your awareness of them. Don't worry about solving all of them all at once. Because of your awareness, the solution will come to you. Don't force it; let it happen.

9. Re-program yourself to take charge of your mind and body. You act in direct relation to your self-image, WHETHER IT IS REAL OR NOT. Your body is merely an instrument of your mind, so if you tell yourself you can't, your self-image says, "Okay, I'll arrange for that."

People who have trouble getting started again are operating in logical mode; your mind is telling you why you can't do this. AND YOU'RE LETTING IT CONTROL YOU.

Feed your mind daily with a healthy dose of positive self-growth statements like, "I work out daily, and I enjoy it. I love how exercise makes me feel. I look forward to working out. I enjoy eating healthy foods. I am a lean, mean, health machine." See what I mean? With regular practice, your body will automatically move in the direction you give it.

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