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Now you're focused. Living healthy and looking great is now as natural to you as blinking your eyes. You're making adjustments to your lifestyle to stay on track towards your fitness goals: parking far away from your office, modifying the way you cook, packing nutritious lunches.

Make sure you're prepared for the inevitable - life's unpredictability. Stock up on healthy foods in your cupboard, freezer, and refrigerator. Workout when your focus is best. Don't try to do something you're not. Be you. But be a lean, mean you.

Here's an idea to help you keep on track. A client of mine makes up her weekly schedule on Sunday night. Do this for your workouts, meals, etc. These appointments are equally as important as your doctor or dentist appointments. Treat them as such. IMPORTANT NOTE: do NOT add to this schedule. You'll have a never-ending list of things-to-do that will only frustrate you, making you ripe for quitting.

You're feeling really good. You're eating 100% better, eating the foods you're supposed to eat. You're working out regularly, at least 3 days a week (more is recommended!). Your confidence is way, way up because you've found a solution to your health and fitness problem. Just be sure you've done your homework before you jump here.

Learn to think on your feet when you approach obstacles, like a relative giving you a fatty dish at a get-together. Accept it, put it on the table, and then offer it to others to take leftovers home with them. Throw away the rest.

Reward yourself every time you conquer an obstacle - new shoes, new clothes, a movie, massage (notice it's not food related). Stave off boredom by changing your exercise routine, buying new workout clothes, trying a new exercise class, or new exercise video at home.

You've reached your realistic goal weight. You're diet habits are great, you feel energetic, strong, and you've never felt better. Time to back off? Many people think that once they reach this point they can work on "maintenance," which is a total fallacy.

Remember, your body LOVES to do nothing. When you start backing off your training, diet, and/or lifestyle, your body senses this and reacts accordingly: decrease muscle, increase fat, decrease heart and lung capacity, etc.

Continue challenging your body in new, different ways. Like take up an activity you couldn't do before because you weren't in shape to do it, e.g. rock climbing, hiking, in-line skating. Buy those form-fitting clothes that really enhance your new physique. Keep telling yourself, "I look great. I feel great." Look in the mirror and tell yourself that.

You've become your own coach. You know what you were like when you were out of shape, and you're never going to be there again. You understand what "getting back in the saddle again" means when you eat something sinful - start fresh at your next meal.

Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness Fundamentals

Everyone knows that good health is something to be treasured and respected, but few make a conscious habit to pay attention to their health until the red flag appears which in most cases signifies really poor health conditions. Get fit with the info here.

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