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Pointing the finger. OOoohhh... I have a problem with people like that. "He MADE me eat that," "She looks at me funny because I'm working out," "Grandma makes me feel guilty if I don't eat her cookies," ad infinitum. YOU WILL KEEP PROCRASTINATING UNTIL YOU'RE WILLING TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY.

4. Fear Taking A Risk

You like "security" too much. You bask in the status quo. It's better to stay the way you are, your way of protecting yourself from building a leaner, energetic, great-looking body and a great life (doesn't make sense, does it?). Until you accept that risk is a natural part of life - the "lessons" you learn, the experience you gain - your chances of success are zip.

5. To Escape

Some people use procrastination as a means of escape when confronted with an unpleasant task. Instead of finding a solution to a problem, you avoid it altogether so that it might go away. When the problem is your body and health, the problem will never go away. You can run, but you can't hide.

6. Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a sense of fear, apprehension, or painfulness of mind. When anxiety continues for a long period of time, it can easily turn into depression. Dejection, despair. The feeling of "I can't do anything about my situation." So you neglect your body, your health and your life. But depression can be overcome with the right guidance and supervision.

7. The Perfectionist

You work hard, but get very little done; you want to make sure the outcome is flawless. This obsessive habit of "doing, but not finishing" or "I'm working on it" is procrastination. It's like people who say, "I want to lose weight first before I start working out." What??? You feel like taking on the world before you even complete the tasks you started with.

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