Know What You Need

People often ask me what kind of home equipment to purchase. Put simply, buy what you'll actually use. Everybody knows you need a combination of strength training and aerobic conditioning. So, you'll definitely use some dumbbells and barbells and an adjustable bench for strength training.

Aerobic equipment can be testy. If you avoid the stair stepper at the gym, but enjoy the treadmill, chances are you're not going to fall in love with it if you have a stepper at home. So get the treadmill. Just remember: buy what you KNOW you'll use.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

How to properly fuel your body before and after your workouts, with the right nutrients and in the right way, for maximum results week after week! Find out why protein and hardwork is not enough...and why your results will suffer unless you add these other 5 foods to your muscle-building plan.

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