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Using running as an example (any aerobic exercise applies), set your pace at about 60% of your max heart rate. It would be an EXCELLENT idea for you to invest in a heart rate monitor for accurate readings.

After about 5 minutes, increase your effort for 1 minute. Slow down to the initial pace for 1 minute. Repeat 2-3 times for your first interval workout. Each subsequent workout add 1 interval, using the 1 on, 1 off schedule. If you've never done intervals before, start with 1 interval training day for a few weeks. Never do more than 3 interval training days per week.

Once you're doing 15, 1 min on 1 min off intervals, start adding more "on" time. Now you'll be doing 2 min on, 1 min off. Continue adding more "on" time steadily until you're doing a single 15 min "on" interval with 1 minute off.

HILLS. Using hills in your aerobic training calls for the muscles in your legs to work harder, making them stronger and more durable. Once a week run a hill up and down several times. Use the interval training principle so you're not killing yourself, and your body won't punish you days later.

INTERVAL SPRINTS. I used this sprint training program to get in the best shape ever for my senior year of college football. Here's how it works: you're going to do a 10 yd sprint, 20 yd, 40 yd, and 60 yd sprints. Sprint 10 yds, jog 10 yds, sprint 20 yd, jog 20 yd, sprint 40 yd, jog 40 yd, sprint 60 yd, jog 60 yd. Do this only once for your first workout, once a week. After 3 weeks, do the drill a second time, and add another training day. Work your way up to 5 drills.


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