Enhance Your Fat Burning Ability With Water

Many of us mistakenly perceive our thirst as hunger and eat higher-fat foods when we're really thirsty.

A good way to determine if you're hungry or thirsty is to drink an ice-cold glass of water when you feel a hunger pang. Wait a few minutes, and if you're still hungry, have a light, balanced snack. The important thing is to know your body's thirst and hunger and feed them appropriately. In other words, drink when you're thirsty and eat when you're hungry.

Drinking a minimum of eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day is overwhelmingly the number one method of curbing food cravings and hunger. Drinking water throughout the day fills you up, and because it keeps your stomach full, it reduces your desire to eat. Drinking water like this on a daily basis is directly related to successful, LASTING weight loss.

Some studies show that, with an active lifestyle, water can actually help reduce fat deposits. When you're fully hydrated, the bloodstream has all the fluid it needs to transport fatty acids from place to place. Drinking water also enhances your body's ability to release fatty acids from within cells into the bloodstream to go to the muscles for burning.

There's also some evidence that says that the colder the water, the greater its fat-burning power. The theory goes that your body has to heat up to its core temperature (98.6) after drinking ice-cold water. A gallon of ice water requires 200 calories of heat energy to warm the body to 98.6. Even though it's just a little calorie burning here and there, every little calorie burned helps, right?

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