Dont Get Hung Up With The All Natural Label

Coconut cream is perfectly natural - it's simply the juice of mashed coconut. But it's loaded with lots of saturated fat, the same fat as in a t-bone steak.

Sugar is natural, too. So is honey. So are butter and cheese. And popcorn can be called "natural" and have so much added cheese, oil, and salt that it's worse than potato chips.

Our bodies don't really care what we do with food before we eat them. They're concerned with what they GET - valuable nutrients.

It's like how customers think about what they're buying - what's in it for me? They don't care what the production process is, or how fancy it looks. What are the benefits? That's how your body thinks, too.

Your body is your absolute best customer. Treat yours as such.

As it so happens, that foods very close to the way nature made them GENERALLY have big health bonuses.

But when you take "natural" oil, sugar, honey, coconut solids, butterfat, and chocolate and put them together to make a candy bar (or other treat), what you get is a hodgepodge - a parody of everything the word "natural" ought to imply.

So don't get hung up on the "all-natural" garbage. Ask yourself if what you're eating is part of a NATURAL DIET. If it's full of oils and sugars, it isn't.

Chapter 18: Water

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