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Ever rack your brain over a difficult problem for days, only to have the perfect answer jump into your head during an intense aerobic workout? There's a growing body of evidence that suggests that aerobic exercise may boost brainpower, stimulate creativity, and increase intellectual capacity.

We all know there's nothing like a good, hard workout to boost your self-esteem and relieve stress. But researchers have recently found a link between fitness and mental muscle.

  • Studies show clearer, quicker thinking, and improved mood after a single bout of exercise.
  • Workouts may also reduce short-term memory loss. In one study, the most physically fit people scored higher on a battery of memory and intelligence tests than those less fit.
  • Exercise fires up your creativity. In a British study, creativity was measured by asking people to come up with unconventional ways to use a tin can or cardboard box. The fit scored higher.

Does this mean you're gonna become the next Einstein? Well, unfortunately, no. But your brain will work more efficiently. Try these tips to optimize your creativity, memory, and mood:

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Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fit exercise into your busy schedule? Thats as absurd as saying that there are eight days in a week! First, youve never exercised before or engaged regularly in a sport second, youve never been into the fitness crowd and have had meager time for such pursuits, and third, youre far too busy to even think of exercise.

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