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Man Tea Rock-Hard Formula

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Hard On Demand

This informative program was written by Brad Stevens. He had for a long time battled with erectile dysfunctions which lowered his sex drive. He also noticed that he wasn't on sex mood as he was some time back. Even when he and his wife tried having sex, he couldn't sustain an erection to have a satisfactory sex session. He sought all the necessary remedies and out of the comprehensive research he did, he landed into this effective remedy that he is now happy to offer to the people. Brad shares a very informative program whose aim is to educate people about natural solutions of erectile dysfunction. The program has valuable information about Proteins, Amino acids and enzymes that are necessary in this case. Brad wrote this program for men with erectile dysfunctions. It has all the information they need to use a natural remedy for this condition. This program is a downloadable eBook containing everything you would need to treat erectile dysfunctions. Upon purchase, you will get the complete guide with all the ingredients needed and the methods of making the remedy. Read more...

Hard On Demand Summary

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Author: Brad Stevens
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Mental Impotence Healer Program

The Mental Impotence Healer is a real revolution in the men health genre because the author Mike Miller wrote this program based on scientific facts which link erectile dysfunction to mental condition. And the author taps into this topic in a positive way and he leads the men to truly be connected with their mental power and heal their condition. The program itself is easy to follow and anyone could do the exercises and understand the instructions easily. The mental impotence healer is consisted of the main book with a lot of illustrations to help the reader follow understand the exercises and follow them. The mental bonus which is a great book in of itself because it helps you tab into your mental power more and more because to harness your mental power means you become the best version of yourself. The last but not the least is a free membership to monthly subscription which holds a great deal of information and it provides you with a lot of inspirational posts and new ideas. If you learn about the mental impotence you will know that no man should be impotent and this program is intended to achieve that goal for all men Read more...

Mental Impotence Healer Program Summary

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Ancient ED Fix

Ancient E.D Fix is a 3000-year secret once lost to history that can treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. This program will give you rock hard erections complete with marathon staying power, no matter your age or physical appearance. The Ancient E.D Fix program approaches the problem of erectile dysfunction from a very interesting angle. It claims that the ED that many men suffer may be a result of inflammation caused by gum disease. Apparently, if you have oral inflammation from gum disease, this can damage the cells that form the lining on all of your blood vessels in your body including those in your penis. This damage may be causing impaired blood flow to your manhood, causing you not to be able to get hard when you need to.The program cites a study which showed that men with ED were more likely to be diagnosed with gum disease. So, the program offers you some oral cleaning methods that will help you to keep your gums healthy, which will increase the overall health of your body.In addition to this, the program will also include tips on how you can use natural remedies to deal with your erectile dysfunction issues. The program will help you to regain control of your sex life so that you can have firm hard-ons again and please your partner in bed. Read more...

Ancient ED Fix Summary

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Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Here Is How This Erectile Dysfunction Cure Works: A man's penis gets hard because blood is pumped into it, like balloon. There are a number of basic reason why your sexual organ doesn't get hard enough any more. The causes are considered emotional and physical. To simplefy things, you can say it's either because it's insufficient blood flows into the penis (pumping in) or too much blood leaks out of the penis (leaking). I don't have to go into any technical details. The primary thing is that if your cause is physical, then you must exercise all the muscles around the genital area and balance the energy flow down there. (which includes soft muscles in the penis itself that prevent blod from leaking out). If the problem is emotional (usually connected to anxiety or stress), then you really should learn relaxation techniques and several basic emotional techniques which can bring you back to your old self. You'll be amazed what these techniques will do to your everyday life too. Most men benefit most from practising both the physical and em Read more...

Cure Erectile Dysfunction Summary

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Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes has been associated with the development of erectile dysfunction since 1798 (89). The OR of having erectile dysfunction if a man is diabetic is 1.9 to 4 times greater than in men without diabetes, and it is estimated that 25 percent to 75 percent of men with type 1 diabetes will complain of erectile dysfunction (89). There is an age association with the development of erectile dysfunction, with 15 percent of diabetic men having erectile dysfunction by age 30 and 55 percent by age 60 (89). The mechanism of diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction is multifactorial (89). Related causes include smooth-muscle dysfunction, endothelial dysfunction, and neuropathic damage (89).


Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, occurs when a man cannot maintain an erection to achieve orgasm in sexual intercourse. The National Institutes of Health report that 15 to 30 million American men have erectile dysfunction. Many things can prevent normal erection, including psychological interference, neurological problems, abnormal blood flow, and prescription medications. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, cause men to experience impotence as well. Treatment may consist of psychotherapy, prescription medication, and surgery.

Nitric oxide pathway of arginine metabolism

No one molecule has attracted more attention in the last decade than nitric oxide (NO). This small molecule plays a pivotal role in a diverse range of functions, including vasodilatation, memory, peristalsis, penile erection, cytotoxicity and the control of various endocrine and exocrine secretions in the cardiovascular, reproductive, central nervous and immune systems (Nathan and Xie, 1994 MacMicking et al., 1997). NO is synthesized from arginine by nitric oxide synthase (NOS), with the formation of citrulline. There are three known forms of this enzyme neuronal (nNOS) and endothelial cell (ecNOS) NO synthases, which are both constitutively expressed and calcium-activated, and an inducible form (iNOS), which is controlled at the transcriptional level and is of most interest in the setting of the immune system.

Eating For Weight Gain

Also, consider the wise words of the Greek historian Herodotus Exposure to the Sun is highly necessary in persons whose health needs restoring and who have need of putting on weight. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew the Sun feeds the muscles. For males, the Sun's rays on the skin and the genital organs stimulate the production of testosterone which increase muscle size and sexual potency. The muscles receive an increase amount of blood flow when they are exposed to Sunlight. This helps to provide nutrients to build strength.


Some studies have found ginseng has powerful anti-cancer and anti-oxidants properties as well as an ability to improve blood sugar metabolism. One recent study found ginseng was able to treat some men with erectile dysfunction This may be due to ginseng being possibly able to effect nitric Oxide (NO) production in men, as NO is essential for obtaining an erection.


Another study suggested that arginine supplementation greatly improved penile function in men with penile dysfunction as NO is essential for blood flow involved in getting an erection. direct uses for people with high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, ischemic (meaning a reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues) and even men with erectile dysfunction. As for athletes, the jury is still out but arginine is one of those supplements to keep a close eye on for sure. At this time, I would not recommend it to athletes however for increasing either muscle mass or performance. For that use, it gets a thumb's down.


Another study in rats and mice examined maca's effects on sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, the study found the oral administration of a Maca extract enhanced the sexual function of the mice and rats. They concluded, the present study reveals for the first time an aphrodisiac activity of L. meyenii, an Andean Mountain herb.

General Qi Vacuity

Fatigue, exhaustion, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, abdominal bloating soft, sloppy stool tendency to diarrhea, tendency to feel cold and to shiver, aversion to cold, lowered resistance, frequent backaches in the lumbar vertebral column, frequent urination with clear urine, large amounts of urine, nocturia (excessive night time urination), dyspnea (shortness of breath), premature ejaculation, reduced sexual desire, impotence. Tongue Pale, swollen Pulse Vacuous, weak

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