Wire Cutting

A great exercise you can do at home that will build your explosive crushing power. Grab an old pair of wire cutters (preferably a little blunt) or buy yourself a pair, but if you buy them, make sure you get either a crappy pair or a fairly small set.

This is because you want the cutting to be difficult, not easy, if it's to easy there's no point!

Now buy yourself some wire from the local hardware store and make sure it's the sturdy type (they probably know you by name now).

Right, now grab yourself a bucket and start cutting the wire in centimeter lengths while watching TV at night (make sure they fall in the bucket - less mess).

Alternate hands and really work this. If it's too easy get a smaller pair of cutters or thicker wire. This will toughen your hands and build a lot of power. By the way, be careful of your eyes with the flying wire. Wear glasses if you have them or even get yourself a pair of cheap safety glasses.

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