This is their secret The ocean provided a large and important part of their diet

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(I'll explain more in the chapter on seafood)

A great importance was placed on the use of shellfish in their diet and a lot of effort was used to provide large quantities of it for eating.

Another important lesson learnt from the Maori was the use of vigorous exercise to fully develop the body. Each morning the tribe would join in a special dance while the chief sang. This helped develop the muscles of the body with particular concentration on the abdominal muscles. Price said this allowed them to maintain splendid physiques into their old age.

So we too shall concentrate on working our abdominal muscles.

Early scientist agreed that the Maori succeeded in becoming the most physically perfect race on the planet. They did this by living in harmony with Natures Laws. Summary:

As you can see from the above diets, Hunter/Gatherer/Fishermen moved away from the Primate majority fruit based diet and ate a lot more animal proteins and fats. These foods proved to be highly effective in giving them superior health, strength and energy.

This is great news!

Because it means you do not have to be frightened of the right kind of animal foods. You can add them to your diet. They will make your meals much more enjoyable and tasty. And they will be providing you quality and concentrated amounts of the nutrients you need to live at your healthiest and train at your best. I'll be explaining all this in the following diet sections.

When Dr. Price analyzed the nutritional content of these tribal people's diets he found a very important fact;

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