They contained on average times the calcium and important minerals and times the fat soluble vitamin

Do you understand what that means? It's not just the chemicals and additives that are destroying our health today. It's the lack of quality nutrients in our diets. Today's diets provide too much energy and no where near enough nutrition. So we get fat and sick.

Before you get too shocked I have some even worse news. This was back in the 1930's. Food processing and soil depletion have probably made this figure even worse today.

None of them ate refined sugars or processed carbohydrates. Some did use grains to supplement their diets but they were prepared in a very special way and were whole grains. I'll talk about this soon as well.

This is why the Spartan Diet aims to be a nutrient dense diet. To achieve ultimate health and the best physical body we can we need to add back the amounts of quality nutrients our ancestors ate.

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