Squeezing Things

Now is the time to actually get some use out of those cheap hand-grippers. This thing won't build much strength and power into your grip by itself but we can use it to build endurance and add some size.

If you don't have one, you can also use a rubber ball, just cut it in half and use one half to squeeze.

This is great as a supplementary exercise to your other gripping work. When watching TV start using it on every ad break. Put one in your car and use it at traffic jams or red lights (great to de-stress). Basically whenever you get a chance and think about it. There are heaps of different ways to work this.

Here is the best way to work this. When you get the chance start squeezing the gripper with one hand. Open and close the gripper as fast as you can. Keep going till the pain builds up too much. At that point, stop and shake your forearm for 3-5 seconds. Then straight away start squeezing the gripper again with the same hand. Do this 3-5 times, work till the pain is too much and your gripping speed slows down, then rest briefly and go again.

Now change hands and do the same thing.

After that, switch back to the first hand and do the same thing, but this time hold the grippers upside down. Then do the same thing with the second hand.

This is to finish off and fatigue your hands and forearms, which should now feel like balloons there will be so much blood pumped into them. By pumping the forearms like this it will help increase the size of the muscles.

Secret to Rapid Gain in Forearm Size

I have always been more concerned with strength than size in my forearms. But I was told of a routine that can be used to increase the size quite quickly. But it will only work if you are also training the 2 basic movements heavy at least once per week.

Work the Grip Machine and Farmers Walk with low reps/heavy weight 3 times a week e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri. Then add in a couple of the other exercises to fully work your grip.

Now on Tues, Thur and Sat you will do the Squeezing Things routine as described above. Do it 3 times a day, morning, lunch and night. Make sure you work as hard as you can on each of the sets.

Back up this extra training with extra nutrition such as Goats Milk and bananas or fish. Keep this up for a month or two and you will see some serious results.

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