Spartan Strength Power Training

Strength & Power training play a major role in the Spartan Health Regime.

By increasing your Real World Strength & Power you will also increase your muscle mass and hence give your body the shape you are after.

Real World means functional strength & power. That is strength you can use in your sport or in everyday life. The Ancient Spartans were warriors and the strength they built had to be usable.

So forget all the little-isolation-type-body-pumping exercises that the majority of people train with. The exercises that are used in the Spartan Health Regime are the essential ones that work. They will bring you results you can use and see in the shortest amount of time.

We are after a lean, muscular, strong & powerful body that can function at it's ultimate potential but don't confuse that with the bloated, pumped-up, steroid-munching bodybuilding physique that is so frequent now.

The King of the Jungle is the Lion not the Elephant The King of the Ocean is the Shark not the Whale

Aim more for the classical Greek physique or a body like Bruce Lee or even Sylvester Stallone or even Tarzan (hey don't laugh, you try wrestling a guerrilla and swinging through trees all day) . What muscle you carry will be totally functional and powerful.

Spartan Strength & Power Training is very simple. At it's most basic it is 2 exercises. But the full version is 7 exercises that will bring you results like crazy.

First I will talk about the Big 2, these are the heart of Spartan Strength & Power Training.

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