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Copyright©1997-2005 Anthony Bova

First Edition 1997 Second Edition 1998 Third Edition 2002 Third Edition(Digital)2005


The ideas, opinions and views contained in this manual are the totally biased work of Anthony Bova and are intended for enjoyment and educational purposes only.

Neither the author nor publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this Manual.

The author does not claim to be a doctor and if you have any health problems it is advisable that you seek the proper medical advice. You should also seek the proper medical advice before starting a new diet or exercise program.

No part of this Manual may be re-printed, copied or reproduced without permission from the publisher.

One of the conditions of buying this digital version of the system is you agree to keep the systems contents and the knowledge it teaches you private.

It is only for your eyes. You may print out a copy for yourself and put it in a binder. But you may not share the file or print out extra copies to sell or give away. You may not teach this system to others unless they are your immediate family.

Violations of Copyright Law will be prosecuted.


To my father, Colin, who helped me develop mental discipline and a love of health through his personal example and his encouragement.

Special thanks to Elvis Sinosic. The man who broke my arm during wrestling training (accident) many years ago. It was during my 8 weeks off work that I decided to commit my program to paper. Opportunity comes in strange forms sometimes.

Bova / Elvis

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