Raw Honey

Regular honey bought in supermarkets has been heated and processed. It's Dead!

Buy raw honey from the health-food shop or a bee-keeper. It may look rougher and thicker but it's straight from the bee as nature intended. It also contains nutrients and enzymes that make it a real food.

Only use Raw Honey

Honey is a real blessing for you sugar addicts (me). It lets you add something sweet to your diet to replace the refined sugar products you shouldn't eat. I add it to brown rice for a delicious lunch, or more commonly to the Spartan Milkshake as seen in the '7 Secrets Recipes from the Spartan Kitchen' Special Report.

Honey is mostly made up of the sugars fructose and glucose both which are easily used by the human digestive system (fructose is the same as contained in fruit).

Raw Honey has been thought of as a miracle food for centuries. The Greeks used it as a food and as a medicine. For honey has an antibiotic effect. This is why if you leave raw honey on a shelf, mold won't grow on it. Do the same with processed jam and see what happens.

Raw honey can play an important part in your Spartan Diet.

Another natural sweetener you can use in moderation is natural Maple Syrup. It contains natural sugars/minerals and enzymes as well.

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