This is the old fashioned 'military press' that professional strongmen use to use when training. It will build strength & power into your entire shoulder-girdle area plus your triceps and upper back. The strength it builds is readily transferable to other sports.

Always, always do them in a standing position. Let the babies do the seated stuff. Standing will force you to balance your body while training and hence build more functional strength into all your stabilizer muscles and ligament.

Preferably use a bar set at shoulder height on a stand or power-rack. Take a shoulder width grip and keep your shoulders and elbows forward so you can support the bar.

As you breathe out forcefully explode the bar up. Arch your chest and a slight back bend is OK (but not if you feel any pain or tightness). You are trying to use all the shoulder girdle muscles remember. This is the perfect supplementary exercise to Dips & Chins to build all round strength & power into your upper-body.

Do them. Aim to be able to press your bodyweight for 5 reps and you will have some serious upper body muscle.

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