No Lower Ab Thrusts

This exercise will start your routine. It will work the lower abs strongly which is what you are after. Most people only ever train their upper abs via sit-ups or crunches. But you will achieve better results by first working your lower abs then finishing off with upper ab work.

Lie on some comfortable floor (on a towel or carpet). Place both hands under your hips as in the photo. This will support your lower back which should be flat during the exercise.

Now raise your head and shoulders slightly and bring your legs to the starting position as shown, keeping a slight bend in them.

Note: you may find your neck becomes tired during the set. This is fine. As your neck strength increases you wont have any trouble.

Your stomach will be slightly tensed from lifting your head up. Raise your legs so your feet are pointing straight up and then thrust your feet towards the roof by lifting up the pelvis.

If you haven't done much lower ab training you will find this difficult. So remember, keep good form, don't rush or cheat. Keep the pace steady.

You can start with 10 reps but try and build up to 20 good solid reps in a few weeks.

Rest 10-20 seconds and then do exercise No.2

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