Move it or Lose it

As people age they start to slow down. They move less and do less. So their bodies gradually weaken in muscle strength and bone density.

Strength and Power training play an important part of the Spartan Lifestyle. Training for Real-World strength will not only let you perform at your peak now, it will keep you performing for a long time. Muscle doesn't degenerate if it is being used.

The following training is supplemental in nature. That means you can use whatever parts of it will help you in your chosen sport or hobby.

But if you don't have an extra physical activity then it can provide you with your entire training regime.

Training constantly is important, but be relaxed about it. If you feel you need a break, take one. You wont be able to fit everything that follows into your individual training regime, so pick and choose and then change things around every so often.

The ancient Spartans were constantly training.

Both in their military exercises and their physical exercises to keep strong and fit. They trained hard.

But they weren't all emotionless robots enduring pain and constant punishment in miserable, tortured lives! They enjoyed training. They added a lot of humor and joke making into their training.

They also took pride in their physical appearance.

They believed in keeping lean, athletic, muscular and sun-tanned. They would laugh at other people who tried to look attractive by wearing fancy cloths. For they believed it was the physical vitality of a person that made them stand out not lavish dress.

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