In fact the strongest and healthiest peoples were those who used the correct animal and seafood prod

Another famous anthropologist wrote;

"In spite of our advances, we spiritually and as human beings are not the equal of the average Aboriginal or Eskimo - we are very definitely their inferiors..."

He was referring to them as living in their native ways, not after being corrupted by Western values and foods.

In all the cases below you will see the same thing happen.

Those primitive people who lived on their own native foods were found to

be in


health but


they switched to a Western based diet they



lost their


health and strength and became subject to

the same problems and weakness our Western society has.

the same problems and weakness our Western society has.

This is not to say we should reject our society and go live in the wild (although sometimes it's tempting) ! What I want to show is that by learning from the past wisdom of these tribes we can change our present eating habits so as to start gaining the superior health, strength, endurance etc. of our ancestors.

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