Hand Grippers

Another option for heavy gripping work is to use Hand Grippers.

The metal hand-gripper above on the left is a "Captains of Crush" gripper. They are a brand of hand-gripper made by Iron-Mind Enterprises in the USA. They come in 5 levels of difficulty and are a good solid training tool. They will give you a hard workout. I highly recommend them.

The plastic gripper next to it is one of the sports grippers you can buy from any sports store. It's a waste of time.

If you can close a gripper more than a dozen times in a row it's too easy.

If you can't get a Captains of Crush gripper keep your eyes open for anything similar that is strong enough to give you a workout.

The photo on the right is a piece of equipment called a "Super-gripper". It's been around since the 1960's in one form or another. It's handy because you can adjust the resistance by moving the springs.

Grab a quality gripper and then just squeeze these babies whenever you remember to, a couple of times a day.

Spartans Routine

Spartans Routine

Fitness is the biggest issue of todays society because technology has improvised our lives so much that people do not move a lot and this lazy working routine and tiring mind works make people unfit physically.

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