Eating sugar will make you fat and sick

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Next time you buy any "Low-fat" food take a good look at the ingredients label. I'll bet you it's full of sugar. So, no fat or fat-soluble nutrients, but plenty of sugar that contains no nutrients and will make you fat. Conventional Thinking.

That's the worst part. It contains no nutrients! So to process it takes more out from your body than you get in return.

One incredible example shown in Sugar Blues is of some shipwrecked sailors. They were transporting sugar as cargo and after their shipwreck all they had to eat was the sugar and water for several day.

When they were found they were in a shocking condition for only having been shipwrecked for such a short time. It was concluded they would have been better off drinking only the water.

They were losing nutrients from their bodies by eating the sugar and weren't replacing them.

Do you think sugar (and refined foods in general) only rots your teeth by being in your mouth? That's the conventional understanding.

No! Calcium gets drawn from the teeth and bones to help process the refined sugar you eat. They degenerate from the inside.

Refined sugar is bad news, it will only harm you. So will play no role in the Spartan Diet. Do the best you can to completely eliminate it from your diet and any foods made with it.

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