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There has been quite a trend lately for diets based on foods the Caveman would have eaten. It's a good idea. If the caveman could maintain great health and strength through thousands of years then it makes sense to copy his diet. But you have to understand what they most likely ate and a lot of authors have got it dead wrong. Many think the caveman ate only very lean meat with not much saturated fat in his diet.

But if we look at the records of modern African hunter/gatherer people (who live similar lives now) and examine the archeological evidence of caveman sites, the story is very different.

For example cavemen of North America ate mammoth, sloth, camel, bison, beaver, antelope, elk, deer, bear, wild pig, sheep and mountain goat to name just a few. Most of these animals are considered high in fat. They have large fatty deposits.

And those animals which didn't have a lot of fat were only hunted at certain times of the year. Such as late Summer when their fat deposits were at a high. Stone age Australian Aboriginals would not bother to carry back to camp any kangaroo that was too lean. North American cavemen would not hunt female bison in Spring because pregnant animals burn off all their stored fat in Winter.

Some organ meats were eaten raw at the kill site. And if they were anything like more modern hunter/gatherers the most prized sections of the animal were the fattiest parts. The brains, tongue, feet and long bones full of marrow. At many sites the long bones were carried back to the family but the rest of the body was left.

Some researchers believe it was the desire for these fattier animals that led to wasteful hunting and the extinction of some species such as the mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and sloths.

What about saturated fats?

Antelope, caribou and mountain sheep is over 50% saturated. Buffalo is over 5 6% saturated. Camel fat is even higher at 63%.

Are you seeing a pattern? Animal fats have kept human beings healthy and active for a long time. Why are they now considered evil?

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