Basics are best always seek simplicity

The Spartans shunned the complex, the extravagant the unnecessary. They made simplicity an art form. In their food, their training, their Laws and their homes.

Our world seems bogged down my a mess of complication. The more you work towards making the complex simple, the better off you'll be. By becoming a master of the basics or the simple things in any field you'll be ahead of 90% of people. Let me give you some examples;

Diet: Big Business through constant advertising throws a stream of complicated mumbo jumbo at the public every day. They brainwash people into buying every kind of crap food under the sun. Plastic fats to reduce cholesterol, colored sugar water sold as a sports drink, candy bars sold as energy food, genetically engineered super bread that never rots, the list is endless. But the reality is diet is very simple. Tribal people living about as basic a lifestyle as is possible and eating simply of natural foods never had the diseases and obesity that our advanced culture is plagued with.

Martial Arts: Becoming the master of one basic technique is more effective than half-knowing a dozen or more fancy moves. I personally know of a few street fighters who have won scores of fights with the same simple techniques over and over again, even against Black-belts who know heaps of fancy moves.

Strength Training: Let me quote a famous saying, "Strength training is a very simple activity made complex by idiots."

War: Napoleon said, "The art of war is a simple art".

I' ll demonstrate throughout this manual exactly what I mean when I say the basics are best and always make things simple. By the way, simple doesn't mean easy. Spartans aren't after the easy way out. The right kind of training and diet can be hard work but it's never complicated.

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