Australian Aboriginal

The Australian Aboriginal is said to be probably the oldest living race anywhere in the world.

The Aboriginals lived in a very harsh environment, very dry in most parts with scarce rain and animal life.

The skill of the Aboriginal in hunting and finding food and water was demonstrated by early European explorers who tended to pretty much die while undertaking long explorations into the outback.

Their eyesight, hearing and other senses were such that they could spot moving kangaroos at over a miles distance. In fact they were thought to have an almost sixth sense!

Price noted that he found 'physical excellence' in all the Aboriginal peoples he examined who were still living according to their native traditions.

Price stated that it was the supreme test of human efficiency that the Aboriginal could build and maintain such physically excellent bodies in such a tough environment.

However once the Aboriginals were introduced to Western foods they quickly degenerated physically and started suffering all the same Western diseases such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity etc.

These were a people who for thousands of years had lived with physically excellent bodies with no tooth decay but once switching to the diet and lifestyle we follow in the 'West' lost it all!

It is also worth noting the skulls from Aboriginals who lived close to the ocean and used it as a source of food were found to be thicker than those inland and their physiques larger. Their diet consisted of fish, shellfish, plants and berries, fruits, etc.

The Aboriginals living in the outback ate plants, roots, berries, insects, grubs, eggs and any wild animals such as kangaroos that they hunted.

Dr. Price mentioned one ironic situation that I will repeat.

He met an Aboriginal who acted as a trained dietitian by the white man. He had, however, lost all his teeth from tooth decay and pyorrhea from eating Western foods. But those Aboriginals who stuck to their native diets have nearly perfect teeth!

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