Aim for one minute rounds of punching

Forget technique for the present. In a fight it's normally the most aggressive fighter who ends up wining. A lot of street-fights finish the same way, the guy who attacks the most and who has the fitness to keep attacking will win.

Training is pretty simple. Hit a punching bag. Time one minute and go for it. Beat the hell out of the thing. Rest for one minute then go again. Do this 3 times. This kind of training sounds simple but is very tough, very painful. Of course if you aren't use to hitting a punching bag, build up slowly over time or you'll injure your hands.

This is a Spartan Challenge or Goal. You should be able to go hard for 3 by 1 minute rounds on a punching bag. This is a great aspect of all round conditioning.


Wrestling developed into Pancration, seen as the ultimate test of skill and physical excellence. Pancration is a combination of wrestling and striking. The only things not allowed were biting and eye gouging. If you thought boxing was tough just think about this type of fighting. I can't give you much info. in written form about training for Pancration. But if you get real good at wrestling and boxing there are a lot of places where you can fight with a very similar style to the old Pancration fighters. Like real fight clubs. The most famous event of this type is the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC.

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