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cause a decrease in thyroid activity. Thyro Stak, unlike the pharmaceutical preparations Synthroid and Cytomel, is not a source of active thyroid hormone. That's an important distinction. Thyro Stak will allow your body to maintain a degree of regulation, rather than subjecting it to whatever dose people assault their bodies with in an attempt to meet weight-loss or bodyshaping goals.

Guggulsterones have been shown to stimulate the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormone. Phosphates have been shown to increase the rate of conversion of the low-activity thyroid hormone, T4, to the higher-activity T3. If you have a normal thyroid function, your body keeps your thyroid at a normal level when it's in a well-fed and rested state. When you subject yourself to stress, thyroid function and activity drop, giving you that sluggish state in which you have no energy, and fat loss grinds to a standstill. That stress may come from dropping calories below maintenance, dropping carbs, using stimulants, lacking sleep, mental stress, etc.

You have to combine Thyro Stak with some effort to get the results. If you're consuming 3,000 calories a day or hundreds of grams of carbs, Thyro Stak may not make a difference, as your body is not stressed. It needs to recognize a low-energy state that will cause it to lower the activity of the thyroid before the "normalizing" action of Thyro Stak will take effect. I wish I could offer you a magic pill. It would make me millions, as few people want to put forth any honest effort. For those of you who do, Thyro Stak will help you keep the fires burning, even when you're pushing yourself to the max.

I recommend you keep your calories at near maintenance, give or take a couple hundred, exercise vigorously and push the water for eight weeks. By then your body will probably have adapted by shutting down your thyroid activity. That will happen faster if you're not sleeping well or you use a stimulant for weight loss like the ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin stacks or Adipokinetix. You don't need to stop using those when you start using Thyro Stak, however, although you should watch your dose response because you may become resensitized to the stimulant properties of those products. Increasing the dose of Thyro Stak will not provide any additional benefits. Unless you want to resort to pharmaceuticals, which I don't recommend, you have to give your programs a little time and a lot of effort.

I don't recommend the ECA stacks because of the possibility for adverse reactions; however, since they facilitate fat loss by increasing the metabolism and working directly on the fat cells, users of both Thyro Stak and ECAs will probably see greater results.

O: Do branclied-chain amino acids burn fat?

A: The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) include leucine, isoleucine and valine, and they are so named because of their chemical structures. The recommended dietary allowance for BCAAs amounts to about three grams a day, but that doesn't take into account people who regularly engage in intense exercise.

BCAAs have several unique properties that other amino acids don't have. For example, while most amino acids are metabolized in the livei; BCAAs can bypass liver metabolism and go directly into muscle, where they serve as nitrogen donors for the synthesis of other vital amino acids, such as glutamine and alanine. In doing so, they exert an anti-catabolic action in muscle.

BCAAs may also aid muscular endurance by opposing the entrance of free tryptophan into the brain. Tryptophan, like the BCAAs, is an essential amino acid; however, in the late stages of exercise, when BCAAs begin to be used as a fuel substrate, more tryptophan enters the brain, where it's rapidly converted into serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that imparts a feeling of fatigue. Since BCAAs block the entrance of tryptophan into the brain, the theory is that taking them before extended exercise sessions will prevent premature fatigue.

While most amino acids are metabolized in the liver, BCAAs can bypass liver metabolism and go directly into muscle, where they serve as nitrogen donors for the synthesis of other vital amino acids. In doing so, they exert an anticatabolic action in muscle.

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