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O: Ijust read in [a bodybuilding magazine] that whey is far superior to casein for bodybuilding pur -poses. Should I be using straight whey protein if I want the fastest gains possible?

A: The author of that article, while singing the praises of whey, missed the point. He states that whey has a higher biological value and is in and out of your system quickly—less than two hours—while casein "clots in your stomach, is released slowly and absorbed over a period of four to six hours." This trait of casein is a benefit, not the detriment he makes it out to be. It's the exact reason you should use casein in combination with whey—so that your body doesn't slip into a catabolic state between feedings.

Say you have a whey shake at 9 am. and then eat lunch at noon. It's good bet that your body won't have any circulating amino acids after 11 am. and the starvation mechanism will kick in because whey is in and out so rapidly. That means muscle cannibalization can occur, and unless you enjoy passively tearing down what you fight so hard to build up—like muscle tissue—you should avoid that catabolic state like the plague. Adding casein to the mix ensures that you get both a fast anabolic reaction and a slow an-

ticatabolic absorption. _

The trickle-feed effect ~ 1 :■.'■: . . : ' ■■■/'. . ■ ■ ■ ■■■' ' .'.': : : :|

is the reason I believe H , i ■ ■■■■■■■... ■;:■■'■ " ". '■ -I-I--1:;

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have should contain H both whey and casein. I matter whether one is better than the other—a I^HBk tM

highly debatable sub- I ject in and of itself. The I point is you get much ^^^^^ better bodybuilding re- W^ ^f .

suits with the fast-slow especially if you can't eat every fl to two hours on the dot. Take advantage of the latest studies and ^^^H technology and use pro- I tein and meal replace- I ments that include both H whey and casein.

O: Based on your re -search, experience and observation, what type of diet do you think is best for building mus -cle and why?

Sleep time is growth time for only about the first two hours, when growth hormone output is high. After that Cortisol levels shoot up and sleep turns into something akin to a catabolic coma.

one-diet-fits-all approach. People have individual food preferences and sensitivities, and that must be considered when you're designing an effective diet. Generally speaking, however, I think that high-protein diets averaging about one to 1 1/2 grams per pound of bodyweight suit the needs of most people seeking added muscle mass. Carbohydrate and fat intakes are more individualized and depend on factors like existing bodyfat levels, activity levels—such as whether you're doing aerobics—and so on.

For most people the popular approach of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent fat and 30 percent protein works well. The fat intake should not contain more than 10 percent saturated fat, with 20 percent being a combination of polyunsaturated fats—say, 10 percent fish oils, or alpha-linoleic, with another 10 percent as linoleic, or omega-6. You need carbs with a high glycemic index after training, with moderate-glycemic-index carbs before training and low-glycemic-index carbs later in the day, assuming decreased activity. [See the end of this book for a balanced diet-and-supplementation template.]

—Jerry Brainum, bodybuilding and nutrition researcher

Q: I've been having trouble sleeping lately, and I know that sleep time is growth time. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Sleep time is growth time for only about the first two hours, when growth hormone output is high. After that Cortisol levels shoot up and sleep turns into something akin to a catabolic coma.

One thing you can do to decrease the catabolic actions of Cortisol during the night is to drink a meal replacement right before bed, taking it along with phosphatidylserine. For example, a packet of a meal replacement like Muscle-Link's Muscle Meals has the right balance of calcium and magnesium, a 2-to-1 ratio that improves sleep. Also, the whey-and-casein protein mix will give you both fast and slow amino acid entry to the bloodstream. The casein helps provide a trickle-feed effect so you have amino acids in your system longer, and that can prevent some of the late-night catabolism, as can a PS supplement. Add Cort-Bloc, or one of the other PS supplements that are available, to the mix and you have a potent presleep anabolic-anticatabolic cocktail.

—Steve Holman, editor in chief, IRONMAN

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