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Adipokinetix is a supplement that mobilizes and burns fat tissue without sacrificing muscle and organ tissue. You should be familiar with the ECA stack—a combination of ephedrine. caffeine and aspirin. Adipokinetix is similar to ECA but is a vast improvement. It takes fat mobilization and burning to a new level. Adipokinetix contains precise ratios of 1R.2S norephedrine HC1. caffeine, yohimbine HC1 and now 50 milligrams of theophylline. The aspirin is left out because some people are sensitive to it. Furthermore, aspirin is cheap, easy to get and can be easily added to the stack if you can tolerate it.

The first two compounds—1R.2S norephedrine and caffeine—work together in much the same way ephedrine and caffeine work. The difference is that studies have shown norephedrine to be the most potent and most thermogenic of the ephedrine alkaloids. Norephedrine also lacks some of the central-nervous-system-stimulating effects of ephedrine. In practical terms that means an individual will still feel a little wired but not nearly as much as he or she will feel with ephedrine. Another plus for norephedrine is that it doesn't have the negative associations that ephedrine has—there are no Food and Drug Administr a-tion restrictions and no negative publicity. In the coming years norephedrine will definitely be the compound of choice for easy, effective weight loss—instead of the ECA stack, you'll hear about the NCA stack.

Norephedrine and caffeine work synergistically to drastically increase the body's production of adrenaline and noradrenaline—the adrenergic hormones—which bind to the adrenergic receptors. There are a number of different adrenergic receptors: the alpha sub 1. alpha sub 2. beta sub 1. beta sub 2 and beta sub 3. We are mainly interested in the alpha-sub-2. beta-sub-2 and beta-sub-3 receptors—for they're the ones that mainly affect fat loss and mobilization.

Among other things, the beta-sub-2 and beta-sub-3 receptors are responsible for the mobilization and burning of adipose tissue; so they are the receptors that you want to

stimulate, for they ultimately affect fat loss in a positive way. Another positive benefit of stimulating the beta-sub-2 receptors is an anticatabolic effect on proteinaceous tissues. Thus, you simultaneously lose fat without sacrificing much or any muscle tissue.

The other receptor that we're interested in is the alpha-sub-2 receptor. Studies have shown that it blocks the mobilization of adipose tissue. In terms of fat loss it's the bad guy. In fact, it's the receptor that causes women to have a harder time losing adipose tissue—especially in their lower bodies. Women have many more alpha-sub-2 receptors than men. and they have an even greater number in their lcwer bodies. To combat those nasty receptors, we need a compound that's naturally occurring, easy to get. potent, lacking negative side effects and able to block them. Yohimbine

00 is the answer.

g Yohimbine does all of the above with an 3 added bonus—it's a proven aphrodisiac. t; Thus, with Adipokinetix you can lose fat.

1 preserve muscle tissue and at the same g time increase your sex drive—regardless J. of your gender. Both men and women E benefit. Yohimbine vastly improves the effectiveness of the norephedrine and the caffeine by allowing the increased adrenergic hormones to do their job. Basically, it cripples your body's negative feedback loop for maintaining your bodyfat.

The new formula also includes 50 milligrams of theophylline per capsule. The interesting thing about theophylline is its potent diuretic effect. When it's used in combination with an ephedrine alkaloid, a dual leaning effect ensues—you burn excess bodyfat and eliminate excess fluid, reducing fluid retention.

Currently, there's no other product on the market like Adipokinetix. It's unique and destined to be the future of fat-loss pills.

—Derek Cornelius

Editor's note: Adipokinetix is available from Home Gym Warehouse, 1-800-447-0008.

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