Emmanuel C Opara PhD Contents

  1. Introduction 161
  2. Characteristics of Energy Generation from Nutrients 162
  3. Blood-Glucose Regulation 162
  4. Interrelationships of Nutrient Metabolism and the Effect on

Glucose Homeostasis 163

V. Design of Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Based on

Nutrient Interactions 165

  1. Limiting Availability of Fatty Acids 166
  2. Inhibition of Fatty-Acid Oxidation 167
  3. Inhibition of Gluconeogenesis 168
  4. Uncoupling of Energy During Fatty-Acid Oxidation 169
  5. Nutritionally Based Therapeutic Approach 170
  6. Conclusion 172

References 173

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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