Exercise Training Effects on Triglycerides

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One of the more extensive reviews of the effects of exercise on lipids and lipoproteins was conducted by Durstine and Haskell.36 First, in analyzing several cross-sectional studies comparing inactive controls to either endurance athletes, runners, crosscountry skiers, tennis players, or individuals with longer treadmill test times, they concluded that generally active individuals have lower triglyceride concentrations. With regard to exercise-training studies, they reported that training also generally reduced the triglyceride levels if the baselines were elevated. They also found that the degree of reduction in triglycerides was related to both the baseline amount of triglyceride elevation and to the volume of exercise training, but that in women, these findings were not as consistent.

In a more recent meta-analysis of fifty-one studies, of which twenty-eight were randomized controlled trials, Leon and Sanchez37 reported an overall 3.7 percent average decrease in triglycerides (P < 0.05). They also reported that men generally had a greater reduction then women. However, in general, they concluded that the blood-lipid response to exercise, including the triglyceride response, was quite variable, confirming similar observations from previous reviewers.

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