Exercise Training Effects on Blood Pressure

Numerous meta-analyses of the effect of aerobic exercise on blood pressure have been published, and the results have been consistent. Fagard18 performed a metaanalysis on 44 RCTs and concluded that aerobic exercise reduces blood pressure and that the lowering effect was greater in hypertensives (-7/-6 mm Hg) than normotensives (-3/-2 mm Hg). Further, he concluded that the evidence in support of these findings achieved the highest level of confidence rating, i.e., a "Category

High Low High High High Metabolic TG HDL-C BP Glucose WC Syndrome

FIGURE 4.1 Prevalence of individual risk factors before and after 20 wk of aerobic exercise training in the HERITAGE Family Study among 105 participants with the metabolic syndrome at baseline. *P < 0.05 pretraining versus posttraining. Reprinted with permission from Med. Sci. Sport Exerc, 35:1703-09, 2003.

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