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It's time to do a detox when you start finding it harder to get out of bed each morning, your waistline seems to have expanded beyond your waistband, you suffer with several colds a year, that skin rash is worsening, you reach for painkillers a little too often, you're suddenly taking antihistamine tablets for a chronic runny nose or hayfever, your tummy feels constantly bloated and you're producing a bit more gas than seems normal, the hormones take over each month turning you into an emotional or angry wreck, even small extra tasks seem like Mt Everest looming over you and you're reaching for caffeine and sugar as your daily close friends.

If this all sounds a bit too familiar, a detox will soon have you leaping out of bed ready to go for a walk, and the puffiness in your face and body will smooth over, leaving you looking younger and sparkling. In fact, you'll also most likely put away the antihistamines and painkillers, spend less on tissues, fit into your favourite clothes with ease, take on new projects with renewed enthusiasm, feel more motivated and positive, sleep more soundly, easily resist sugar and excess caffeine, and feel like your body is running like a well-oiled machine. It's remarkable the difference it makes, as many detox converts will heartily testify

A detox does take a little organising, and you may feel a little worse rather than better over the first several days. However, once you're past the first patch, you won't look back. It's when your loved ones, friends and associates start asking you what you're doing to look so healthy and glowing that it really hits home how good you do feel - how easy it is to get through the day, and have energy left to burn.

do you need to detox?

Check the list of symptoms and lifestyle factors below. If you can tick two or more on either list, you would benefit greatly from our detox program. If you can tick lots, best plan that detox immediately!



poor immunity (more than one cold

use of oral contraceptive pill or hormonal

or virus per year)


hayfever and other allergy symptoms

use of medications and prescribed drugs

post-nasal drip (mucus running down

use of antibiotics more than once in the past two

back of throat)


chronic sore throat

exposure to chemicals (home, garden, pesticides,

headaches or migraines

artificial food colourings and/or flavourings)

puffiness under or around the eyes

regular alcohol consumption (more than three

dark shadows under the eyes

drinks per week)

dry skin

smoking or passive smoking

pimples or acne

recreational drug use

skin rashes such as eczema

regular exposure to traffic pollution

abdominal bloating

stressful lifestyle

poor digestion

two or more caffeine drinks daily (tea, coffee,

heartburn or indigestion

cola, guarana, chocolate drinks)


excessive emotional stress

regular diarrhoea

poor diet habits

mucus in stools

eating takeaway food often

excess flatulence or burping

eating less than 5 serves of vegetables and 2 of

chronic cystitis

fruit daily

tiredness on waking

eating deep-fried or fatty foods (more than once

excess fatigue

per fortnight)

fluid retention in feet, legs and/or hands

(puffiness, stiffness)

hormonal symptoms (PMS, menopausal,

lumpy breasts)

chronic vaginal thrush or other irritations

muscle aches or pains

overreaction to situations

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