Dried fruit muesli sesame balls

Choose muesli that contains little or no dried fruit (many dried fruits contain preservatives). Check the ingredients list on the dates' label to ensure they are free of preservatives (generally they are preservative-free). This is a fabulous sweet treat to serve after dinner when entertaining or for that just-have-to-have-something-sweet craving in the mid-afternoon. The sweetness in the balls comes entirely from the dried fruit. You also benefit from the addition of muesli, which makes this an energy sustaining snack (excellent for those who have diabetes).

70 g C/2 cup) chopped dried dates 60 g C/3 cup) sultanas V2 tsp ground cinnamon V4 tsp ground nutmeg V4 tsp ground cardamom 205 g (2 cups) gluten-free muesli 30 g sesame seeds

Process cooked fruit mixture to a puree and add to muesli. Mix thoroughly with your hand to form a stiff mixture.

Roll 2 teaspoons of mixture into a ball (roughly the size of a cherry tomato) then toss in sesame seeds to coat. Repeat with remaining mixture and seeds.


Keep in an airtight container in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Place dates, sultanas, 160 ml (2/3 cup) water and spices in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 9 minutes or until the fruit is soft and the remaining liquid is syrupy (don't overcook). Set aside to cool for 20 minutes.

Process muesli until finely chopped and place in a bowl. Place sesame seeds in saucepan and toss continually over high heat for 2-3 minutes or until light golden. Place on a plate.

KATHY: Because I am not much of a breakfast girl, I get excited by the idea of lunch and start thinking about what I am going to eat at about 9 am. If I am working from home, then it's easy - usually some sort of big salad. On the weekends I will often make soup or cook lots of seafood to have with salad greens. If I am out for lunch and on the run, I usually look for an Asian-style takeaway and have a bowl of rice noodles with vegetables and chicken or tofu.

JAN: I usually make lunch to take to my clinic - a lunchbox filled with salad vegetables or roasted vegetables from the night before. If I don't have some cooked chicken, fish or lamb on hand, then I'll add some marinated tofu or canned salmon or tuna. I pack almonds or other nuts (a small container otherwise I'd keep eating them beyond a healthy amount!) and some fruit. I tend to snack between meals to keep good energy levels. If I buy lunch, it's usually fresh rice paper rolls or sushi rolls with miso or salad with some sort of protein.

These recipes are simple and easy to prepare and most can be made at the last minute. They rely on the use of the best and freshest ingredients and liberal servings of salad greens. Fresh herbs are a very important component of our recipes, partly for their nutritional value, but mostly for their flavour and you will find them in many of our recipes. Also, it's great to have a supply of stock in the freezer. The use of homemade stock will always improve the taste of a dish and you have the added advantage of knowing that it contains no additives. See Basics (page 158) for great stock recipes.

If you have to buy your lunch when detoxing, we suggest you look for a leafy tuna salad, rice with stir-fried vegetables and tofu, miso and sushi, rice noodles with chicken, lentil curry with rice, roast vegetables with fish or chicken, or ask for a container filled with salad ingredients from the sandwich bar (these won't have processed dressings on them) and a protein like salmon or chicken.

Many of the dishes in this chapter also double as an entree if you are entertaining. Just because you are detoxing doesn't mean you can't enjoy socialising with family and friends.

See page 93 for great recipes to take to work.

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