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To keep a feeling of ongoing balance and good health in your body and mind, consider doing a detox yearly or twice yearly. It is an excellent way to help keep your immunity up to speed and to manage your weight effectively.

If you like, you can do a 'mini' detox from time to time

- following the regime for just two to three days. We often follow our detox guidelines on weekdays to keep our bodies in balance during very busy working or social periods.

KATHY: My favourite juice is the detox support juice and I love to have it about 6.30 pm when I am preparing dinner. Apart from the fact that it tastes fabulous and you can feel it doing you good, it is also very filling and I find that it really takes the edge off my appetite at that tricky time of day when it could be so easy to pick at food before dinner.

JAN: I like to start my day with the detox support juice. I can feel the goodness surging through my body and I find it helps with regularity, especially with the addition of some fibre (see Extra Fibre & Supplements, page 12). The fibre also helps slow down the digestion of breakfast, helping to sustain good energy throughout the morning.

Have a glass of warm water with half a fresh Lemon squeezed into it first thing in the morning to kick-start your digestive system.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices contain a wonderful array of live enzymes and substances called phytochemicals which act as anti-oxidants in your body. You will gain excellent benefits from one to two juices a day. You can dilute the juices with purified or spring water, or soda water to make them lighter if you prefer.

Choose from our selection depending on your needs of the day. For example, we'd recommend you try to have a detox support juice just about every day. If your digestion has been a bit tricky of late, try the digestion aid juice with your main meal. We think of the tropical breakfast juice as a good one for that leisurely weekend breakfast. And if you have problems with body odour or skin problems, have the clean green juice on a regular basis.

If you like, you can whisk 1 teaspoon of psyllium husks or slippery elm powder into your glass of juice to boost your soluble fibre intake (see page 12). This will assist detoxification by absorbing toxins in your digestive system and helping to prevent their reabsorption into your body.

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