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This book came about as result of a mutual love of good food and good health and a long and warm friendship.

While detoxing seems like a trendy subject, it has been the core therapy for most complementary medicine practitioners for decades. Naturopaths often begin their patient's treatment with a thorough detox to help reduce chronic symptoms and to begin the healing process.

Our detox program isn't a weight-loss 'diet', although if you follow our guidelines excess weight is bound to be shed without you even thinking about it. More importantly, it is a chance to give your body a rest from potential allergens and toxins so that it can regain balance, good health and vitality.

Many people believe healthy food is boring, but you don't have to sacrifice wonderful food when you are detoxing. That's what this book is all about. As foodies, we are not prepared to give up great tasting meals to be healthy so we came up with our own dishes that remain within the detox guidelines. The results astound our loved ones and friends, who don't realise they are eating detox food until they are told.

We want to share our philosophy of detoxing with you and to demystify some of the principles. We suggest you read through the first part of the book to gain an understanding of the why and how-to of detoxing. Following this, the recipe chapters are full of fabulous meals for every day and for entertaining. When you understand why detoxing works so well and realise how simple it can be, we are sure you will be converts. And when you taste our food, we know you won't be disappointed.

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