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Taking Time to Recover

Rather than overtrain to the point of chronic fatigue, you should take steps to prevent it. Eat a proper sports diet that provides adequate carbohydrate and protein, allow recovery time between bouts of intense exercise, and plan your schedule so that you get enough sleep at night. You should also try to minimize stress in your life and curtail disruptive activities that might drain your physical and mental energy reserves.

Foods To Monitor Closely

Elsewhere I have devoted a whole chapter to sugar, so that you can be convinced once and for all of its evil role in our diet and of its nefarious consequences, not only in terms of excess weight, but also and most importantly because it is implicated in chronic fatigue, diabetes, gastritis, ulcers, dental caries and heart disease.

Cadmium Toxicity in Adults

Chronic exposure to high doses of cadmium can also result in altered calcium metabolism, leading to a loss of calcium from the skeleton (osteomalacia). This disease was first discovered in Japan, where it was called itai-itai ('ouch-ouch') disease, an aptly named disorder that causes walking to become very painful due to brittle bones, skeletal deformities and numerous microfractures. Other common complaints include back and joint pains, rigid spinal movements, and thin, deformed bones that hurt when pressure is applied. I have seen one patient who tested for very high cadmium levels with early onset of joint pains, fatigue, and muscle tenderness and had been previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Eating Disorders and Active People

It is the fattening enemy that thwarts their desire to be perfectly thin. Their goal is thinness at any price, and that price is often guilt, shame, mental anguish, physical fatigue, injuries that fail to heal, anemia, weakened bones, stress fractures, and impaired athletic performance. These athletes perform suboptimally because they eat poorly. One high school runner failed to connect her inability to finish track workouts with her one-banana-a-day diet. She thought she fell asleep in classes because she had stayed up too late studying, not because she was underfed.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Several studies have investigated the potential for performance improvements from branched-chain amino acids as a whole. Many have focused on their role in combating fatigue and fighting the effects of overtraining. Branched-chain amino acids present a theoretical advantage because they compete with tryptophan, an amino acid that is associated with mental fatigue (think about your post-Thanksgiving dinner nap turkey has tryptophan). In theory, if you provide more of these branched chains, it should help to delay this fatigue. Thus far the role they have in fatigue hasn't been conclusive, according to the research.

Carbohydrates during Exercise

Hundreds of studies have shown that carbohydrates consumed during exercise delay fatigue in endurance athletes, but carbohydrates during exercise also are important for athletes in high-intensity stop-and-go sports such as soccer, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, and football, as well as in precision sports. Carbohydrate consumption during all sports can help ward off fatigue within muscles but also the mental fatigue that can be associated with sports requiring lots of concentration. Remember, the brain is the hungriest of all organs for glucose. In fact, the brain is twenty to thirty times more metabolically active than muscles, and unlike other tissues, the brain can utilize only glucose for fuel.

All About Muscle Glycogen

What happens if you don't replenish your muscle-glycogen stores Simple If you run out of glycogen, you run out of energy. The amount of muscle fuel you have determines how long you can exercise. As a car needs a full tank of gas before heading out on a long trip, an endurance athlete requires sufficient muscle gasoline to sustain the pace and go the distance. Always tired or run down Obviously, a vigorous training schedule alone is enough to make you feel that way. You might also want to look into your carbohydrate consumption. Keep a food log and do the math there could be an easy solution to your problem.

Helen A Patient Of Dr Helen Schleagle

I had hives, some kind of an allergic response, about five years ago and it progressed to the point where I had hives on my vocal chords. It was a pretty serious allergic reaction, for which I was first treated with antihistamines. Later, I was treated with prednisone. When small doses of prednisone given every other day didn't help, my doctor began increasing the dosage until I was taking 70 mg every day. After about six weeks I started declining physically from taking this tremendous dose. I gained about 50 pounds I had conjunctivitis in both of my eyes I had open sores I was so weak I was almost bedridden. I did find another doctor who slowly weaned me off of the prednisone. But when it was all over, my immune system had been damaged. I had a lot of viral illnesses that are usually associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. I could scarcely get out of bed, and I couldn't lose all the weight I had gained. So I went from doctor to doctor. I was living in the Midwest at the time and...

What Shape Is Your Diet

Whereas a well-rounded diet is the desired shape of good nutrition, many of my clients eat a linear diet apples, apples, apples energy bars, energy bars, energy bars pasta, pasta, pasta. Repetitive eating keeps life simple, minimizes decisions, and simplifies shopping, but it can result in an inadequate diet and chronic fatigue. If your diet looks more like a line than a circle filled two-thirds with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and one-third with protein- and calcium-rich foods, keep reading. You'll learn how to eat more of the best foods, eat less of the rest, and create a food plan that invests in high energy, good health, top performance, and weight management.

Diet Stress

Many people make the mistake of relying on large amounts of sugar and coffee during times of stress. Although they may supply short bursts of energy, too much caffeine and refined carbohydrate ultimately worsens chronic fatigue and produces headaches, irritability, and concentration difficulties. Because control of blood glucose is more difficult during times of stress, it is important to minimize intake of refined carbohydrates, which may trigger periods of reactive hypoglycemia (see pp. 185). Fig. 5.33 Magnesium supplementation and chronic fatigue. 32 adults with chronic fatigue received either placebo or 50 magnesium sulfate (1 g in 2 ml) intramuscularly every weekfor 6 weeks. In the treatment group there was significant improvement in energy level, pain perception, and emotional state, compared with placebo. (Adapted from Cox IM, et al. Lancet. 1990 337 757) Fig. 5.33 Magnesium supplementation and chronic fatigue. 32 adults with chronic fatigue received either placebo or 50...

Sweet Flavor

Fj Excess sweet flavors harm spleen qi and proS duce pathogenic dampness. This can, over time, lead to phlegm disorders, for example recurrent bronchitis, sinusitis, chronic fatigue, dull sensation in head. The Nei Jing says Sweet flavor adds flesh, resulting in obesity and weakness of connective tissue. Via the controlling cycles, excess sweet flavor can weaken the kidneys, resulting in bone and teeth disorders.


As with most medical problems for which the medical profession cannot find a ready cause, it was classified as a psychiatric problem secondary to stress and depression. This is the same route they took with chronic fatigue syndrome, even though brain lesions were being seen on MRI scans. I was convinced at the time that the tremendous increase in this disorder was in some way related to the large amounts of food excitotoxins being ingested.


Maca contains several alkaloids that are said to nourish the endocrine glands, including the pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, testes and thyroid gland. Typical of adaptogenic substances, it is believed to have a wide range of effects that include increased strength and performance, increased sexual desire, improved mental acuity, improvements in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as many others effects.

Lecithin And Choline

During stimulation, the choline used for the release of acetylcholine (AC) comes from intracellular sources only. To maintain appropriate levels of free choline, cells take up choline from the blood (418, 477). For the acute production of acetylcholine, choline may also be obtained from the membrane phospholipids (phosphatidyl choline PC) (411, 415-417). During continuous stimulation of the brain, the choline turnover in the brain is higher than the rate at which choline is taken up (418). As a consequence, the free choline concentration will fall and choline from the PC molecules in the cell membrane will be used to compensate for this. This may result in a consistent partial choline depletion (419, 420) as well as a suppressed acetylcholine release, to a greater extent with longer exercise duration (411,415,420). In stimulated muscle, a drop in free choline concentration has been shown to induce a fall in AC release and a slowdown of the transmission of the contraction...

Dr Helen Schleagle

I also give my depressed patients a basic multivitamin with minerals. Many depressed people are magnesium-deficient, so I've been using a relatively large amount of magnesium in my practice. I've also incorporated a fair amount of potassium use for chronic fatigue syndrome patients. Many of them have potassium problems that are not necessarily picked up by a standard blood test. I do cellular potassium rather than the regular blood tests and I use some homeopathic cortisone with certain people with auto-immune disease.

Dr Alan Spreen

The big buzzword of today is chronic fatigue syndrome. This refers to the kind of incredible fatigue that makes people unable to get out of bed in the morning for weeks at a time. Most fatigue onsets slowly. A person gradually feels less energy than they had a few months or years previously. They just can't do the things they did before. We try to take a complete approach. We find that as ingestion improves, with proper foods and supplemental digestive enzymes, fatigue tends to diminish. Subsequently, energy levels and clarity of mind improve. People can concentrate better. They can remember things better because their mind isn't experiencing brain fog from all of the toxic junk floating around in their system.

Dr William Goldwag

At the same time, they have to be made to realize that their nutrition plays an integral role in feeling well. They have to supply their bodies with proper nutrients and eliminate the excesses or chronic addictions to alcohol, drugs, or food (including sweets and sugar). Inevitably, I find that if someone gets away from an addiction to sugar, they function much better. The old term hypoglycemia is very appropriate for their condition, particularly for people with chronic depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic immune system dysfunction. These people find that when they modify their diets and get off sugars, their mental functioning improves considerably.

Dr Michael Galante

Low levels of pesticides in the body are hard to detect, but in general the symptoms match those of the modern patient that I see many times each day. The symptoms, plaguing millions of people today, are chronic fatigue, depression, and general malaise. Homeopathy and clinical ecology have had great success in treating this kind of condition. Most of these pesticides have been deposited or absorbed selectively by the nervous system or fatty tissues. The nervous system has a coating over it called the myelin sheath and the brain is covered by a sheath called the dura mater. These have a high fat content and so the pesticides are absorbed like a sponge by them. The liver and kidneys also end up having a much higher concentration of pesticides than other parts of the body because they have to detoxify them. So pesticide exposure tends to exhibit itself in overall weakness as well as in psychological and neurological symptoms.

Dr Leander Ellis

Candida is a major factor in hypoglycemia, depression, and chronic fatigue that the medical profession has continued to ignore, despite the research. The major reason is that medicine is taught by prestige suggestion, meaning a doctor needs someone he or she trusts to tell him what is important. Unfortunately, the people that we have the most contact with after we leave medical school are drug company representatives. And so until a learned professor at an Ivy League medical school says that candida is a problem, it doesn't exist.

Deplete DHA

There is also question as to contamination of these vaccines with another pathogenic virus linked to multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome, called the human herpes virus-6 or HHV-6. There is even serious question as to HHV-6 being the major culprit in the AIDS syndrome, with HIV merely being a secondary invader.

Thin at Any Cost

The restriction of food that accompanies the struggle to be perfectly thin creates health problems for casual exercisers and competitors alike. It can greatly reduce the intake of vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrate, placing the athlete at risk of poor nutrition status. Food restrictions can also lead to health problems such as chronic fatigue, compromised immune function, poor or delayed healing, anemia, electrolyte imbalance, menstrual dysfunction, reduced bone density, and a four times higher risk of stress fracture (ACSM 2007). Individuals who are truly anorexic or bulimic commonly deny the problem, insisting they're perfectly fine. Continue to share your concerns about their lack of concentration, light-headedness, or chronic fatigue. These health issues are more likely to be stepping-stones for the athlete to accept help, given that she or he undoubtedly clings to food and exercise as attempts to gain control and stability.

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