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Fig. 3.8 Cocoa cake pulverizer. Source: S.A. Martin Lloveras (Spain).

Strong measures will be required to remove it from a bag and get it to flow as part of a process stream.

The manufacture of chocolate confectionery, particularly milk chocolate, requires the addition of more cocoa butter; this can be as much as 20%. However, the ratio of cocoa butter to cocoa powder separated from the raw material is approximately 1:1. Consequently, an imbalance is created; one that industry needs to address. It is not unusual to encounter problems such as producers having warehouses filled with cocoa cake generated to satisfy cocoa butter needs but with no outlets for the pressed cake. Such imbalances can lead to serious financial losses, so the need to find new uses for cocoa powder is urgent.

Cocoa Butter

The other product obtained from pressing chocolate liquor is cocoa butter. This is the most expensive of the major ingredients in a chocolate recipe. Historically, in the USA, cocoa butter is only filtered before it is used in the manufacture of chocolate. This is known as natural cocoa butter. In Europe, much of the cocoa butter is deodorized, a process for removing flavor components by treating cocoa butter with superheated steam under vacuum.

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