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Perceived imagery surrounding consumption of dark chocolate. Source: Manoury-Tomas (34).

Perceived imagery surrounding consumption of dark chocolate. Source: Manoury-Tomas (34).

We now have a better understanding not only of its composition but also of its real qualities when it first appeared. But one should not forget to take account as well of the imaginary properties, which have emerged from people's belief and which are also a reason for seeking it out. Because, despite all the advice, we are not yet eating on a doctor's prescription only.

Finally, despite the fact that it has become commonplace, it still remains a hedonic product, guarantee of a pleasure that anyone can easily obtain for themselves. More than ordinary products, which are available in great variety, chocolate is still the product which, when used by pastry cooks, chocolate makers and great chefs, lends itself to extreme refinements and becomes a work of art, in the real sense and figuratively.

But if one remains at plate level, culinary works of art are the only works of art which one has to destroy to appreciate. What remains then except the memory? And it is thanks to this memory that we will want to look for them again.


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