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Health profiles for consumers of dark chocolate. Source: Manoury-Tomas (34).

Health profiles for consumers of dark chocolate. Source: Manoury-Tomas (34).

The purpose of the rapid presentation of this study is to show the possibility of grasping in both a detailed and a global manner the perception of the product by consumers. It is clear that it would be fully explained if one already had data which would enable one to compare different varieties of chocolate, for example, or again the same product as it may be perceived by subjects from different cultures. This is a methodology for both research and for possible immediate application in the spheres of industrial products.

Finally, it has the merit of providing an empirical confirmation of the extent to which chocolate is a 'pleasure product' of which the consumers' perception is very good.

By Way of Conclusion

Begun at the end of the 15th century, our voyage has brought us to the world of today. Chocolate, a divine product, a royal product, once a medicine and a piece of witchcraft, has become democratized. It is now accessible to all, within everyone's budget, and, despite the fact that it is very widely available, it continues to be perceived as a special product.

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