Yin And Yang Mutually Transform Each Other

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Because yin and yang create each other, they are always supporting, repairing, and transforming into each other. For example, inhalation is followed by exhalation, and activity is followed by rest.

Even in their seemingly most stable form, yin and yang are undergoing constant change. This process starts at a specific stage of development. It takes quantitative changes and turns them into qualitative transformations. The NeiJing states:

"There has to be rest following extensive movement; extreme yang turns into yin."

One example is children at a party: The later it gets, the more excited and noisy they get—their yang condition is kept artificially high to suppress their desire for yin (sleep)—until it comes to a sudden breakdown, namely yang has turned into yin. Other examples are life-death, high fever-sudden drop in temperature (shock, blood centralization, cold extremities).

The four basic TCM therapy strategies reflect these fundamental interactions between yin and yang:

Supplementing yang Supplementing yin Draining yang repletion Draining yin repletion

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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